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Cat Wipes and Cleaning Supplies

Cat people know that one of the great things about your sweet feline is they tend to be low-maintenance. One of those low-maintenance perks is not having to bathe them too frequently. To cats—hygiene is important—and they do a pretty good job keeping themselves tidy. But sometimes, using some of the best cat cleaning wipes and cat grooming supplies might be beneficial.

FAQs About Cat Wipes

Sometimes nothing can replace traditional soap and water, but cat grooming wipes will often help remove dirt and dander, which can be especially useful for kitties with sensitivities. Cat wipes can also help make their coat shiny and smell fresh. Sometimes pregnant or obese kitties can’t quite reach well enough to be truly clean, and cat cleaning wipes can be a fast and efficient solution.

Pet wipes for cats are designed with our pet’s unique needs in mind. While designed to be safe for infants, baby wipes may have some chemicals that might be harmful to felines, especially since cats are more likely to digest them while grooming themselves. Pet wipes are created specifically for your cat.

Make sure you wash your hands, then gently hold your cat and apply the wipe to areas needing cleansing. Long strokes that mimic petting may help your cat relax. After you’ve finished, it’s helpful to praise your cat, and you might give them treats, so they look forward to the activity next time.

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