Cat grooming and bathing. Help maintain their coats with at-home bathing and grooming solutions for all hair types and length.

Cat Grooming & Bathing

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Cat grooming & bathing tools & supplies

Provide your feline with the complete care they deserve with cat grooming and bathing tools from Petco. After all a clean and healthy feline is easier to maintain with the right grooming and bathing tools and supplies. Because not all pets take to water and new products right away, you must slowly introduce them to your cat and be prepared to resort to new and different approaches. Your most important priority during cat grooming should be their stress levels, so be patient and be prepared to breakdown each part into manageable and short sessions. Don't be discouraged if your cat becomes vocal or defensive, but be prepared to use a partner to soothe them as you take care of them with proper grooming tools. Brushing alone, cannot cover all of our pet’s needs, but it can help you spot issues before they become bigger and more expensive vet visits.