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Kitten Formula & Kitten Milk Replacer

If your kitten is too young for solid kitten food or cat food and their mother is not able to nurse them, cat milk formula is essential for the health of your pet. If possible, kittens should nurse from the mother in the first 12 hours to allow for ingestion of colostrum. If kittens cannot continue to be fed from their mother, you’ll need to implement a feeding regiment via bottle or tube until 7 weeks of age when they can begin eating solid food. Kitten milk replacements are formulated to closely mimic the milk of mother cats, and include the essential vitamins and minerals to help your kitten grow. Petco offers cat milk replacer products in both powder and liquid options. Milk replacers are also a great substitute for cats who are pregnant or lactating.

Why a Cat May Need Special Formula

It is a myth that cats love milk. In fact, The myth goes that many cats are lactose intolerant and may become sick if they are given cow’s milk or other dairy. Cats given dairy products may experience vomiting or diarrhea. Luckily, Petco has multiple kitten milk formulas that are easy for your furry friend to digest.

For other specialty cat food supplies, check out our cat food broth, prescription cat food, and raw, fresh, and frozen cat food.

FAQs About Kitten Milk Replacers

The amount of milk a kitten should consume will vary based on their age and weight. Young kittens need to eat every 2 to 3 hours for several weeks before they can be fed less frequently. If you are feeding an infant kitten milk replacement, you’ll want to work with a veterinarian to determine how much and how often they should eat. Visit this guide on kitten feeding schedules for more information.

Kittens can be bottle or tube fed, but be sure to consult with a veterinarian to learn the proper feeding techniques.

The only healthy options for kittens is their mother’s milk or a kitten milk replacer. Never give your kitten goat or cow’s milk as they have an intolerance to lactose.

Kitten formula can be purchased online or in store. Petco carries top-rated pet brands so you can find the right cat milk and cat milk replacer options for your kitten.

Kittens should be fed formula until they are 7 weeks of age. At this age you can begin to wean your kittens onto canned or dry kitten food.

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