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flea combs for cats | cat flea & tick combs | Petco

Help free your feline’s fur of problematic pests and dirty debris with Petco’s selection of flea combs for cats. Both outdoor and indoor kitties can get a case of the creepy crawlers, and these parasites not only bring your pet itchy skin, but may also carry diseases that affect the health of both your feline and your family. However, with the steady regiment of preventive treatments and grooming techniques for your cat, you can flick fleas away with the proper comb.

Every pet parent should have a flea comb for cats in their grooming supplies kit. Flea combs have extra-fine teeth that are ideal for separating your feline’s follicles allowing you to spot these irritating insects more easily. You’ll also find cat flea combs can help remove not only the bugs, but also their eggs, which can cling to your kitty’s coat. Locating and removing these nesting nuisances before they have a chance to multiply can save you from an irritating infestation. Additionally, besides finding fleas, these fine-toothed combs are great for removing dandruff, debris and dirt so your cat can look and feel fabulous. Moreover, flea combs for cats are perfect for preening sensitive areas, like your kitty’s face and head.

Locate these parasitic pests before they become an irritating issue with Petco’s selection of flea combs for cats.