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Cat Placemats

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Cat Food Placemats

A cat food placemat can be a great solution to help keep your home cleaner and more hygienic during your kitty’s mealtime. If your feline tends to make a mess while eating, place a pet food placemat underneath their food bowl to help contain spills during the excitement of eating and drinking.

FAQs About Cat Food Placemats

Consider putting a cat food placemat underneath your pet’s food bowl. We have many placemat designs to choose from—including non-slip, easy to wipe down and dishwater safe varieties, as well as mats with fun shapes and fun messages displayed on them. You can choose a rubber, cork or silicone placemat plate for more stability for your cat’s food dish during mealtime.

The best cat food mat will be one that works well in your home, is the right size and is made of materials suitable for its intended use. Silicone placemat plates might be ideal for easy cleaning and can help keep your cat’s food bowl in place. Cork placemats can also act like a cat coaster to help keep food bowls from sliding and contain spills. Rubber cat food placemats can be great for skid resistance—helping to prevent slipping and sliding—and most are dishwater safe. You might choose a personalized pet placemat for your kitty to add some extra style to your home and their favorite eating spot.

At Petco, we have placemats with grooves for your cat’s water and food bowls. We also have ones shaped like cats or fish or paws to add more fun at dinner time. Some of our pet food placemats are brightly colored with fun cat messages on them, such as “I’d spend all 9 lives with you” or “All you need is love and a cat.” These mats can be just as much fun for pet parents as they are for their felines. Many of our placemats are also available in different sizes, colors and prints.