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Cat Gates & Doors

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Indoor and Outdoor Cat Gates, Doors and Enclosures

Cat gates and doors allow you to set boundaries and control your cat’s access to certain areas inside and outside. your home. Common options include:

FAQs about Cat Gates and Doors

Yes we do! Petco has a wide variety of cat gates, doors, enclosures, crates and carriers.

The best cat gate and enclosure depends on your needs, your home and your kitty. We have gates with flaps that use a microchip so only your cat can get through. We have easily foldable and storable enclosures for temporary uses and more sturdy gates for everyday use.

Cat gates work to either keep cats in or out of specific areas, whether for their benefit or for the benefit of another member of the household. You can use them temporarily to help acclimate new pets, or use them every day to set boundaries within your home.

Some dog and cat doors are interchangeable—it depends on the site of the door, and the size of your pet.