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Cat Blankets & Throws

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Cat Blankets and Throws

If you’ve noticed your feline rubbing against your leg or couch, you know how important touch can be to your cat’s sensory stimulation. Just like humans, kitties can experience warmth, comfort and the feeling of safety with a soft fleece blanket. The soft material sensation can also remind cats of the security and warmth of cuddling with their mothers when they were kittens. 

Frequently Asked Questions

While every feline can be different, some of the best cat blankets will simulate the feel of their mother’s fur. Fleece and microfiber can often help felines recreate the feeling of cuddling with their mothers. Shag material can also feel like fur to your kitty, and all these materials are plush enough that popping their claws and pawing at the soft cloth may be entertaining for your cat. Fleece blankets and shag and microfiber material can simulate fur and provide a significant amount of warmth to your kitty on cold nights. Heavier blankets for cats made of poly-fiber can also help retain heat, and they can also be easier to shake or pick cat hair from when you don’t have time to wash blankets frequently.

While it may seem like an excellent natural material for a cat blanket, wool is not generally recommended material for your cat to cuddle. Many felines can experience contact allergies from wool, so sticking with fleece, faux or vegan fur, shag, microfiber or poly-fiber is usually recommended.

Your cat will likely let you know what blanket they prefer, which can sometimes involve trial and error. A promising sign that felines enjoy their animal fleece blankets is that they spend time laying on, in or around the blanket or often engage with it. Another positive sign—assuming your cat doesn’t suffer from Pica—is if you see your cats licking the blanket, as this can signal that they’re comfortable with it or are using it for comfort when stressed.

Whether your cat enjoys being wrapped in a blanket can be a matter of personal preference—some want the safety and warmth of a cat blanket or cat throw, while others dislike constriction and restraint. However, whether your kitty fights you while trying to wrap them or not, some upset or distressed cats in blankets have shown signs of relaxing and calming once covered, and it can be a useful technique for pet parents to at least attempt.