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find a bird mirror, bird ladder and bird toys to keep your birds happy and occupied

Keep feathered friends happy and healthy with bird and parrot cage toys and mirrors from Petco. Bird and parrot toys definitely have their rewards, from helping prevent boredom by keeping them occupied and stimulated, to helping to strengthen your bond with your pet. Boredom has been known to negatively affect a variety of pets, so it's vital to your pet's health and well-being to provide them with a bird mirror or a chew toy along with other items to help him pass the time. There are various types of wooden toys in bright colors to get your pet bird's attention. Since birds and parrots alike respond well to sound stimulation, there are also many ring and bell toys available.

Other bird toys are equipped with a mirror to help your pet feel like they've got another buddy to chat and hangout with. Because birds are social animals, the addition of a mirror can cause a significant improvement in the mood and health of pets without roommates. If you do opt for a bird mirror, it's recommended to spend more time with them, so they can be properly socialized.

The best way to keep your pet at their healthy best is to maintain a variety of bird toys. You can also change their location or switch them out and back in again, to keep your bird engaged and interested in their toys. Although there are many wood chews to choose from, you can also clip on a puzzle or piñata bird cage toy to get them thinking instead of just blindly pecking. If you do opt for a wood chew bird cage toy, monitor and replace it when your pet has finished enjoying it.

Find toys that best suit your pet bird's size and interests at Petco today!