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Lovebird Care and Supplies

Lovebirds are charming little birds that can be delightful companions to pet parents that commit time to bonding with them. They are best kept in pairs, unless hand-fed and given daily interaction These birds come in a charming assortment of colors and variations.

FAQs About Lovebird Care and Supplies

It is best to purchase the largest habitat possible, but the minimum requirement for a single lovebird is 18”W x 18”D x24”H with bars spaced no greater than ⅜ inches apart. Flight cages are a great option for lovebirds as a properly sized habitat should be large enough that the bird can spread its wings without touching the bars or accessories while still having plenty of room for playing, exercise, multiple perches and toys.

Single lovebirds bond best with pet parents when provided ample daily socialization. If you cannot commit to daily interaction with your lovebird, it is best to keep them in pairs so that they stay physically, mentally and socially stimulated. Whether you choose a single bird or a pair, time should be spent socializing with your pet(s) daily.

Providing a varied diet helps ensure your lovebird receives all of the nutrients needed to support its overall health and it does not become bored with its food. Lovebird food consists of specialized pellets that should make up 60-70% of diet, coupled with fresh vegetables and fruits and small amounts of fortified seeds. Treats should not exceed 10% of total food intake.

While every bird is different, lovebirds are generally active, alert, and sociable. They often love to take baths and chew, so ensure these needs are met with a bird bath and foraging toys. Lovebirds can also be territortial, have a unique chatter and naturally have a loud call.