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bird bedding, bird cage liners and bird cage litter for maintaining clean cages

Many pet parents agree that a pet's health and well-being is directly affected by the cleanliness of his housing. As most pet birds don't have the liberty to leave their cages to find a cleaner place to perch when waste and other debris pile up, it's imperative that their cages are cleaned regularly. As bird waste is known to carry bacteria, which can be harmful to you, your family and your pets, it is also known to cause odor. This is why there is a variety of bird bedding and litter available to absorb bird droppings and even spilled food and water, while also helping to reduce bothersome pet odors. Just as the proper bedding is important for other small animal pet companion housing, such as hamster cages, bird cage litter and bedding is important for keeping bird cages clean and sanitary. In addition to the various kinds of bedding and litter available, there are also bird cage liners that help with keeping bird cages clean, as well as with making their maintenance quick and simple. As some pet parents and bird enthusiasts prefer to use bird cage liners, there are others that prefer an absorbent and natural type of bird bedding and litter, while there are some that opt for both. Determine what works best for you and your pet bird and get the right bird cage litter, bedding or liner today.

Developed for softness and high absorbency, Carefresh FreshSorb Colors Bird Bedding & Litter in Blue makes for an excellent bedding as it not only helps to control pet odors, but it is also comfortable for birds to step on. Meanwhile, there is a natural type of Carefresh bedding that is dust-free, environmentally-friendly and pet-safe. For pet parents that prefer using bird cage litter, there is Fresh Nest with the PureLite Process Bird Litter, which is composed of all-natural, biodegradable and compostable materials and also has a fresh scent. Created as an efficient and safe way to maintain the cleanliness of your pet bird's cage, there are LM Animal Farms Absorbent Cage Liners for Birds. These leak-proof bird cage liners consist of absorbent cotton layers and a dry-touch top layer that help to control odors and can be cut to accommodate almost any size cage for a customized fit. Find the liner, litter or bedding that works best for you and your pet bird now online!