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Conure Toys

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Conure Toys

Although your conure should spend significant time outside of its habitat socializing with you, toys provide an outlet for engagement and help reduce destructive behaviors when your bird is in their habitat. While there are many different types of toys suitable for your birdy buddy, toys for your conure should be of the size and material to withstand the powerful beaks and claws of a medium sized parrot.

FAQs About Conure Toys

Toys provide an outlet for your bird to entertain itself and find mental and physical stimulation. They may also encourage natural behaviors such as foraging.

There are a multitude of different types of toys, but they should be of the size and material suitable for a medium parrot to reduce the risk of premature destruction or accidental ingestion of parts.

An assortment of toys is always ideal, but a minimum of 3 - 4 toys which are switched out regularly to prevent boredom, and discarded once significant wear and tear is noticed will help keep your conure mentally and physically stimulated.