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Cockatiel Perches & Stands

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Cockatiel Perches

It is rare to see a healthy bird lying down or sitting, so providing the right cockatiel perches are vital to your cockatiel's foot health. Your cockatiel will use perches for standing, climbing, playing, rubbing and cleaning beaks, chewing and entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

A variety of perches of differing diameters—approximately ½ inch—and textures is important to help maintain your cockatiel's foot health. The amount of perches will be dependent on the size of your habitat, however they should not inhibit your cockatiel from moving around in its habitat.

In your cockatiel’s habitat, provide a variety of perches that are approximately ½ inch in diameter—including natural branches, ropes and cement perches. Cement perches can help wear down their beak and nails.