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Cockatiel Care and Supplies

Cockatiels are a small member of the parrot family that can come in assorted shades of gray, tan, yellow and white with various markings. These birds can make great companions for the pet parent willing to commit the time needed for these birds and provide proper cockatiel care. They can often learn to mimic sounds and words with consistent training and patience.

FAQs About Cockatiel Care and Supplies

It is best to purchase the largest cockatiel cage possible while keeping in mind that the metal bars should be spaced no greater than a ½ inch apart. The habitat should be large enough that the bird can spread its wings without touching the bars or accessories, while still having plenty of room for playing, exercise, multiple perches and toys. Consider a play top to provide extra space for your cockatiel to stretch its wings. The minimum habitat for a single cockatiel is 24" X 24" X 30".

With patience and practice, cockatiels may learn to mimic repetitive sounds and noises. The more time spent interacting with your cockatiel, the more likely they are to learn to mimic sounds.

Cockatiels are active, social birds that can learn to whistle elaborate tunes and are known to bond easily with their human companions. These birds can make fantastic companions for a pet parent willing to commit the time to provide proper cockatiel care and socialize daily. If you are unable to commit to daily interaction, a second cockatiel can help provide your bird the additional mental and social stimulation it needs.

A varied diet is essential to your cockatiel's overall health. Cockatiel food can include specialized pellets that should make up 60-70% of their diet, plus fresh vegetables and fruits and small amounts of fortified seeds. Millet and a variety of treats are also important for a balanced diet, but should not make up more than 10% of their total food.

Spending time daily socializing your cockatiel will be the best way to bond with your bird. Allowing your cockatiel to spend time each day in a safe area outside of their habitat is great for bonding and provides exercise for your bird. Try offering it treats from your hand and get versed in "cockatiel speak" aka whistling!