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bird cages: parrot & parakeet & ecodecorative bird cages

Give your feathered friends plenty of room to spread their wings in a spacious new small bird or parrot cage from Petco. All pet bird varieties enjoy healthier and happier lives when they have room to flit and fly about their cage or aviary. Parrot and parakeet cages in particular each provide the right balance of space and features for two different sized pets. A bird cage is a noticeable furniture addition to your home, so there are many styles, sizes and colors available to fit your décor and the needs of your pets. If you're looking to create a more sustainable habitat for your pet, there are many toys and accessories available so you can build your very own eco-decorative bird cage. Most of the colorful and entertaining eco-decorative bird cage toys available boast handmade, all natural and earth-friendly materials that are also fun and safe for your pets.

Parrot cages, provide plenty of space for your pet and can sometimes be large and bulky for pet parents. Fortunately, many types of parrot cages include rolling casters to make adjusting or moving your habitat easier and less labor-intensive. Some models include play areas on their parrot cage roof, so your pet can enjoy their habitat even when they're outside of it. You can also find a wide variety of parrot cage accessories and stands allowing you to switch up and keep your pet's environment interesting with ease.

Parakeet typically need flight bird cages with wire spaced at no more than 3/8" apart. When shopping for a new flight cage for a parakeet or another small bird, make sure you look into which wire spacing and internal dimensions are best for your pet. Shop for small bird or parrot cages and aviaries at Petco and build a healthy and fun habitat for your pets.