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bird perches, natural wood parrot perches and bird cage perches for your fine feathered friends

While people have lounge chairs and sofas that allow them to rest their feet, there are bird perches available that serve a similar purpose for birds. When wild birds aren't flying, they're usually perched up on a branch or ledge either navigating their surroundings or resting. As there are various items that wild birds use as perches, there are special bird cage perches developed for pet birds. In addition, there is a wide array of perches available in different sizes, shapes and materials to accommodate the varying sizes and species of pet birds, such as natural wood parrot perches and a line of sand perches available in two sizes for small and medium-sized birds. Developed to provide pet birds with a stable source of heat during the winter or cold weather, there are even heated bird perches. Whether you and your pet birds prefer heated bird perches over an edible branch or cement branch, or even a perch swing, make the most of your pet bird's leisure time by providing him with the bird cage perches that allow his feet to rest.