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bird houses for sale & purple martin houses

Shop for bird and Purple Martin houses at Petco and welcome seasonal visitors to your yard or garden. By setting up one or more bird houses you are also helping to replace some of the natural habitats lost by expanding man-made projects. As you read up and find out about the native species in your area, you will find out how bird houses can help you build a beautiful co-dependent relationship with many different varieties. Successful Purple Martin houses in particular can help significantly cut down on mosquito populations, once they become an established breeding place for colonies. Other bird houses can attract species who feast on mosquitos, other bugs and weeds. Before this can happen, you must consider that bird houses will require the right location, size entry and more in order to succeed.

Most bird houses should also be kept away from trees make them less accessible to snakes and raccoons. Purple Martin houses are most attractive in open areas because of this, they also prefer to be near water. Since Purple Martins typically breed in colonies, their houses usually feature multiple entrances. Some enthusiasts set up multiple gourd style Purple Martin houses on one pole to encourage this natural breeding behavior. For easier maintenance there are Purple Martin house poles available with pulley systems, so you can make sure it's ready for the following season.

If you're looking for a different kind of song in your garden, there are many other bird houses to choose from. Some bird houses for sale are specific to finches while others also give shelter to chickadees and other small species. There also wood bird houses available that offer a weatherproof finish that's also safe for its feathered residents. These bird houses come in different styles to suit the style of your yard. And since you may be a attracting a wide-variety of native species, these bird houses also offer multiple entrances.