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The simple way to cover your pet's annual wellness needs with routine vet exams, unlimited nail trims, teeth brushing, and more for just $19 a month.*

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The simple way to cover your pet's routine wellness needs

Help Keep Your Pet Healthy
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Help keep your pet healthy

They’ll receive:

  • Unlimited teeth-brushing**
  • Unlimited nail trims**
  • Unlimited vet exams at participating Petco locations
Get Rewarded
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Get rewarded
  • $10 Pals Rewards loaded to your account every month
  • $35 Pals Rewards per vet exam at the vet of your choice (limit 2 vet exams per year)
Choose Your Welcome Kit
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Choose your welcome gift

Get a 6 lb. bag of dog food or a 4 lb. bag of cat food OR get up to $25 off a vaccination.

Save $226 on your annual wellness Plan See how here.

As part of Vital Care you also receive:

Pals Reward
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Pals Rewards Member benefits
  • Start earning 5% back on every Petco purchase.
  • Receive $5 Pals Rewards on every $100 spent.
  • Earn 1 point for every dollar spent.
Veterinary Care
Veterinary Care
Petco is committed to delivering compassionate vet care with a broad range of affordable, personalized solutions.
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Grooming Salons
Grooming Salons
Petco groomers are trained to high standards and must successfully complete a 20-week, 800-hour Petco certification course.
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Enroll in minutes and start enjoying your Vital Care benefits today.

  • On the Petco app
  • Text VITAL to 79949
  • Enroll here
  • Annual Plan Required. Choose one pet per plan


Easily access your benefits from your dashboard

  • Manage your pet's plan
  • View your benefit summary
  • Load your Pals Rewards
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Disclaimer: Plan automatically renews. Annual commitment required.

Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s what other Petco pet parents are saying.

Source: Petco Core Care customer survey of active members (2020).

* Annual savings assumes usage of monthly nail trims at $10 each, usage of monthly teeth-brushing at $12 each, $10 Pals Rewards per month and two vet exams per year at $35 Pals Rewards each.

** Dogs only.

For full Vital Care Terms & Conditions, click here.


Routine teeth-brushing in dogs helps prevent plaque and tartar build-up, gingivitis and gum disease. It also helps minimize bad breath, tooth decay and infections so your pet enjoys a healthy smile. Our stylists can also help spot broken or fractured teeth before they become larger health issues.


Regularly trimming your pet’s nails can help prevent discomfort while walking and injuries caused by them not properly gripping the ground. It can also help minimize carpet damage and skin injuries. Our stylists will help make sure your pet’s nails are a safe and healthy length.


Regular vet visits can help detect illnesses and diseases early on so you avoid costly vet bills in the future. Up-to-date vaccinations will help ensure a long, happy life with you. Your vet will do a nose-to-tail exam to help make sure your pet looks and feels their best.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where can I use my benefits? Where is Vital Care valid? Are you available in my city/state?

    Petco Vital Care is currently available at all Petco locations. Please see full list of participating Petco Grooming Salons and Vetco Clinics at

  • Can I enroll for Petco Vital Care online?

    Yep! Visit to signup today! Or Text VITAL to 79949!

  • How much does Petco Vital Care cost?

    The Vital Care program is built to help you manage your dog’s health throughout the year, by enrolling in a 12-month term for $19/month. Plan automatically renews. Annual commitment required.

  • I love this and want it for all my pets! Is there a discount for including my other pet-children?

    No. It’s a pretty deep discount for a single pet so we encourage you to sign each of your pets up. No children like the idea of parents playing favorites!

  • How do I identify myself as part of Petco Vital Care?

    When you visit one of our participating locations, let our Petco partner know your pet is a part of Petco Vital Care. They will help you see and redeem your available benefits.

  • When will I be charged?

    Your fee will be charged monthly on or before the same date each month as referenced in the email confirmation you will receive upon signup.

  • Can I use my benefits right away?
    Yes, many of them! Once you enroll, you have access to several benefits.
    • You’ll receive a small bag of food (up to a 6 lb. bag of dog food or a 4 lb. bag of cat food) or $25 off one vaccination through Petco as a welcome gift for joining.
    • You can use a nail trim and teeth brush at one of our Grooming Salons. Your Pals Rewards Dollars will be provided throughout the year, by deposit of 10 Pals Rewards Dollars per month to your account. Your credits will load 1-2 days after your monthly payment is processed.
  • Where can I see my available benefits?

    Log into your account at to view your available benefits on your Vital Care Dashboard.

  • How many benefits can I use in one month?

    The Petco Vital Care program is built to provide you with deep discounts throughout the year as you care for your pet. We recommend regular monthly care including nail trims, teeth brushing and food purchases. Check with your vet for vet exam recommendations.

  • How do I get my Pals Rewards Dollars?

    Your Pals Rewards Dollars will be applied to your Pals Account 1-2 business days after your monthly anniversary date. For use online or in store, you must log in to your Pals Account and load your rewards prior to checkout.

  • What vet can I go to?

    Vital Care members may visit their vet of choice. Submit your receipt to and we’ll upload 35 Pals Rewards Dollars to your account with 1-2 days. You can receive up to two (2) Pals rewards of 35 Pals Rewards Dollars for eligible vet exams with your vet of choice (limit 2 per year), up to 70 Pals Rewards Dollars per year. If you visit Vetco Total Care locations listed at Petco Vital Care Terms you get unlimited vet exams at those locations.

  • How do I get reimbursed vet visits?

    You can submit your receipt to and we’ll upload a Pals Reward of 35 Pals Rewards Dollars to your account with 1-2 days. You can receive up to two (2) Pals rewards of 35 Pals Rewards Dollars for eligible vet exams with your vet of choice (limit 2 per year), up to 70 Pals Rewards Dollars per year.

  • Can I get reimbursed for a vet visit before I joined?

    Congrats on being a responsible pet parent! Unfortunately, we can only provide eligible Pals Rewards Dollars for vet of choice visits that happen after you’ve joined the Petco Vital Care program.

  • How can I cancel my Petco Vital Care Subscription?

    You can cancel your Petco Vital Care subscription by logging into your Vital Care Dashboard on or the Petco App. You can also call 858-657-2035

  • Is this pet insurance?

    Not even close. We focus on the care basics you need to keep your dog healthy. We expect your pet to enjoy these benefits throughout the year.

See full Vital Care Terms & Conditions.

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