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Routine care makes a lifelong difference. That’s why we created Vital Care.

Save up to $586* per year on routine care.

*Annual commitment required. Annual savings assumes usage of monthly nail trims at $10 each, usage of weekly teeth-brushing at $12 and two vet exams per year at $35 Pals Rewards each.

Protect your pet's health your way for just $19 per month**
Annual Commitment Required.

Commit to routine care

Get unlimited teeth-brushing and nail trims for dogs plus unlimited vet exams at participating locations.

Save big

You can save up to $586* per year on routine care plus another $2 per pet per month when you enroll 2 or more pets.

Maximize your plan

Access digital tools and resources that help make pet care easier. Manage your benefits on the go with our hassle-free Petco mobile app and more.

Discover more ways you can help keep your pet healthy

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Vital Care is the simple way to cover your pet’s routine wellness needs.

Dr. Whitney Miller

As a pet parent, you want to make sure your pet’s routine wellness needs are covered so they always feel their best. Both nail trims and teeth-brushing services can help keep your pet’s health on track. And it's important for your pet's overall health to visit the vet at least twice a year, even if they are feeling well.

Overgrown nails are a common issue among pets that can cause pain, infection and injuries. That’s why I recommend trimming your pet’s nails once a month. Another frequent health problem is periodontal disease, which can lead to bleeding gums, bad breath and even tooth loss. Every pet should have a daily dental routine, and brushing your pet’s teeth once a week can help ensure a healthy smile.

Vital Care helps make pet care easier by providing convenient, affordable access to teeth-brushing and nail trimming services by Petco pet professionals. With Vital Care, your pet can get the routine care they need to enjoy optimal health & wellness.

Dr. Whitney Miller | Petco’s Head of Veterinary Medicine

Vital Care savings at a glance

Let's take a look at two dogs who use the same recommended care of nail trims once a month, teeth-brushing once a week and two vet exams per year.





Enrolled in Vital Care

Nail Trim for Dogs (1x Month)
Nail Trim for Dogs (1x Month) $10 per visit Unlimited
  Teeth-Brushing for Dogs (1x Week)
Teeth-Brushing for Dogs (1x Week) $12 per visit Unlimited
  Two Vet Exams Per Year
Two Vet Exams Per Year Each visit paid in full $35 Pals Rewards


Unlimited at participating Petco locations

  Monthly Fee
Monthly Fee (Annual Commitment Required) None $19
  Paid Annually
Paid Annually $814 $228
  Hidden Row
That's $586 in potential saving!*

Rewards for your pet's essentials

  • Pick out a welcome gift when you sign up!
  • $10 Pals Rewards every month

As part of Vital Care you also receive:

Pals Rewards member benefits

  • Start earning 5% back on every Petco purchase
  • Receive $5 Pals Rewards on every 100 points earned
  • Earn 1 point for every dollar spent

Veterinary Care

Petco is committed to delivering compassionate vet care with a broad range of affordable, personalized solutions.


Grooming Salons

Petco groomers are trained to high standards and must successfully complete a 20-week, 800-hour Petco certification course.

Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s what other Petco pet parents are saying.

“What I like is that my dog can get her nails and teeth brushed as often as I like it to be done.”

“I like that every month I get $10 in rewards to use. I also like the fact that I get rewarded for taking my dog to the vet.”

“The fact that Petco is so local and able to get everything needed in one run for my dogs.”

Source: Petco Core Care customer survey of active members (2020).

Your partner in pet health & wellness

Learn more about how you can help support your pet's total well-being.

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Petco in the palm of your hands

Restock your pet’s essentials, schedule services and more at home and on the go with our free app.

Annual Commitment Required

*Annual savings assumes usage of monthly nail trims at $10 each, usage of weekly teeth-brushing at $12 and two vet exams per year at $35 Pals Rewards each.

**See Full Vital Care Terms & Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Petco Vital Care is currently available at all Petco locations. Please see full list of participating Petco Grooming Salons and Vetco Clinics at Visit to sign up today! You can also sign up via the Petco App or Text VITAL to 79949!

The Vital Care program is built to help you manage your dog’s health throughout the year, by enrolling in a 12-month commitment for $19/month.

Yes! Vital Care offers a Multi-Pet Discount. When you enroll 2 or more pets you can receive a $2 discount per pet per month.

When you visit one of our participating locations, let our Petco partner know your pet is part of Petco Vital Care. They will help you access and redeem your available benefits.

Your fee will be charged monthly on or before the same date each month as referenced in the email confirmation you will receive upon signup.

Updating your payment info is simple. Visit your Vital Care Dashboard on the Petco App or at and then click on View Details. Underneath where it says Recurring Payment you can click "edit payment method" and type in your updated card info, then click select payment.

You can also click "reactivate membership" at the bottom of the details page if your account has been cancelled due to invalid payment.

Yes, many of them! Once you enroll, you have access to several benefits.

  • You’ll receive a small bag of food (up to a 6 lb. bag of dog food or a 4 lb. bag of cat food) or $25 off one vaccination through Petco as a welcome gift for joining.
  • You can use a nail trim and teeth brush at one of our Grooming Salons. Nail trim and teeth brush benefits are valid for dogs only.
  • Your Pals Rewards Dollars will be provided throughout the year, by deposit of $10 Pals Rewards per month to your account. Your credits will load 1-2 days after your monthly payment is processed.

Log into your Vital Care account at to view your available benefits on your Vital Care Dashboard. Within the Dashboard you have immediate access to bring up benefits that can be scanned in store!

The Petco Vital Care program is built to provide you with deep discounts throughout the year as you care for your pet. We recommend regular monthly care including nail trims, teeth brushing and food purchases. Check with your vet for vet exam recommendations.

Your Pals Rewards Dollars will be automatically applied to your Pals Account 1-2 business days after your monthly anniversary date. For use online or in store, you must log in to your Pals Account and load your rewards prior to checkout.

Vital Care enrollees may visit their vet of choice. Log in to your Vital Care account to submit your receipt and we’ll upload 35 Pals Rewards Dollars to your account with 1-2 days. You can receive up to two (2) Pals rewards of 35 Pals Rewards Dollars for eligible vet exams with your vet of choice (limit 2 per year), up to 70 Pals Rewards Dollars per year. If you visit participating veterinary hospital locations listed at Petco Vital Care Terms, you get unlimited vet exams at those locations.

You can submit your receipt within your Vital Care account and we’ll upload a Pals Reward of 35 Pals Rewards Dollars to your account with 1-2 days. You can receive up to two (2) Pals rewards of 35 Pals Rewards Dollars for eligible vet exams with your vet of choice (limit 2 per year), up to 70 Pals Rewards Dollars per year.

Congrats on being a responsible pet parent! Unfortunately, we can only provide eligible Pals Rewards Dollars for vet of choice exams that happen after you’ve joined the Petco Vital Care program.

Petco Vital Care is a 12 month commitment. You can stop your auto-renew for your Petco Vital Care plan by logging into your Vital Care Dashboard on or the Petco App. You can also call 858-657-2035. You will still be charged monthly and your active through your anniversary date. Until then you will still receive all of your benefits. You will not be automatically renewed at the end of your annual commitment date.

Not even close. We focus on the care basics you need to keep your dog healthy. We expect your pet to enjoy the vital care benefits throughout the year, but if you are interested in getting a free quote for Pet Insurance, visit!

Need help?

We're available by phone at 858-657-2035 and email every day at

See Full Vital Care Terms & Conditions.


Routine teeth-brushing in dogs helps prevent plaque and tartar build-up, gingivitis and gum disease. It also helps minimize bad breath, tooth decay and infections so your pet enjoys a healthy smile. Our stylists can also help spot broken or fractured teeth before they become larger health issues.

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