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A new whole health plan for $19 a month

An annual plan dedicated to pet wellness with grooming savings, vet exams and more.

An annual value of $397*

Follow our Petco vet-recommended plan to help keep your dog healthy and enjoy benefits throughout the year.

Annual commitment required.

Vital Care benefits

  • Grooming savings
  • Vet Exams
  • pals rewards
  • welcome gift

Unlimited 30% off full-service grooming visits, including packages and add-ons**

  • Can help prevent issues, such as matting, before they begin
  • Helps reduce the amount of shedding
  • Distributes natural oils to help support a healthy skin & coat

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Unlimited routine exams at participating Petco vet locations Find your Petco vet


Up to $70 Pals Rewards for two exams a year at the vet of your choice

Keep your pet's health on track.

$10 Pals Rewards every month

With $10 Pals Rewards every month for nutrition, toys, treats and more, it's easy to help keep your budget—and your pet's health—on track.

  • Free 8th bag of dog or cat food
  • Free 8th groom

We can't wait to welcome you into the Vital Care family!

With Vital Care, you'll get to choose one of these gifts:

  • One package of dog food, up to 6 lbs. (no exclusions)
  • One package of cat food, up to 4 lbs. (no exclusions)
  • $25 off one vaccination from one of our veterinary hospitals or Vetco vaccination clinics

Not sure what food is right for your pet? Use our Right Food Finder to get personalized recommendations based on your pet's individual needs.
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Dr. Whitney Miller Dr. Whitney Miller

Dr. Whitney Miller

Chief Veterinarian, Petco

We know that dog parents are always looking for the best ways to give their pets the care they need to keep them healthy.

Pet parents should create a schedule with their veterinarian and groomer. Most breeds need to be bathed every 4–8 weeks and groomed every 6–12 weeks.

Even if your dog looks healthy, routine vet exams can help detect diseases before they become serious and allow for early intervention. Your vet will track your dog's development and answer questions about their overall health.

With Vital Care, your dog gets the care they need from our knowledgeable store associates, Petco-certified groomers and veterinary partners.

Dr. Whitney Miller

Chief Veterinarian, Petco

Annual value of Vital Care

Boston Terrier tilting head


Not enrolled in Vital Care

Small brown fluffy dog with tongue out


Enrolled in Vital Care

30% off grooming benefit value**
30% off grooming benefit value** None $125
  Grooming add-on value**
Grooming add-on value** None $62
  Vet of your choice benefit
Vet of your choice benefit Full price out of pocket $70
  Unlimited vet exams
Unlimited vet exams Full price out of pocket Included
  Pals Rewards
Pals Rewards None $120
  Welcome gift
Welcome gift None $20
  Vital Care value
Vital Care value $397*

Vital Care tip:

Enroll two or more pets to enjoy a $2 discount per pet every month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Vital Care program is built to help you manage your dog's health throughout the year, by enrolling in a 12-month commitment for $19/month. Your membership will automatically renew unless canceled.

Not even close. We focus on the care basics you need to keep your dog healthy. We expect your pet to enjoy these benefits throughout the year.

Yes, many of them! Once you enroll, you have access to several benefits.

You'll receive a welcome gift, which Petco may change from time to time, such as:

  • Your choice of one package of dog food, up to 6 lbs. (no exclusions), one package of cat food, up to 4 lbs. (no exclusions), or $25 off one vaccination through Petco as a welcome gift for joining. (Please note, the welcome gift may change at Petco's sole discretion.)
  • You can save 30% off the listed price of any full-service dog grooming services at one of our participating Grooming Salons when you complete a full-service dog bath or full-service dog bath with haircut.
  • Pals Rewards Dollars that you earn will be provided throughout the year, by deposit of $10 Pals Rewards per month to your account. Your credits will load 1-2 days after your monthly payment is processed.
  • See the Vital Care Terms on our website for more information.

Please see the full list of participating Petco Grooming Salons and veterinary clinics at Visit to sign up today! You can also sign up via the Petco App, or by texting VITAL to 79949!

Vital Care enrollees may visit their vet of choice. Log in to your Vital Care account to submit your receipt and we'll upload 35 Pals Rewards Dollars to your account within 1-2 days. You can receive up to two (2) Pals rewards of 35 Pals Rewards Dollars for eligible vet exams with your vet of choice (limit 2 per year), up to 70 Pals Rewards Dollars per year. If you visit participating veterinary hospital locations listed in the Petco Vital Care Terms, you get unlimited vet exams at those locations.

Your fee will be charged monthly on or before the same date each month as referenced in the email confirmation you will receive upon signup. See the Vital Care Terms on our website for more details.

The Petco Vital Care program is built to provide you with discounts throughout the year as you care for your pet through regular grooming visits, routine vet exams and food purchases. Check with your vet for vet exam recommendations.

When you visit one of our participating locations, let our Petco partner know your pet is part of Petco Vital Care. You can provide a store partner with your Pals number, so they can look up your Vital Care plan.

Yes! Vital Care offers a Multi-Pet Discount. When you enroll 2 or more pets you can receive a $2 discount per pet per month.

Log into your Vital Care account at to view your available benefits on your Vital Care Dashboard. Within the Dashboard you have immediate access to bring up benefits that can be scanned in store! You can also review your Vital Care benefits through our mobile app.

Please follow the instructions below for easy access.

  1. Go to in a mobile browser or the Petco app and sign into your account.
  2. Click on the icon of a person to get to the My Account page.
  3. Click on 'Vital Care' from the list on the app. If you are using a mobile browser, it will be in "My Account Menu."
  4. This is your Vital Care dashboard. Click "REDEEM" to see all benefits.
  5. There you can click "View Benefit" on a coupon or benefit that you would like to use at the register.

Petco Vital Care is a 12-month commitment. You can stop your auto-renew for your Petco Vital Care plan by logging into your Vital Care Dashboard on or the Petco App. You can also call 858-657-2035 or email You will still be charged monthly and your membership will remain active through your anniversary date. Until then, you will still receive all of your benefits. You will not be automatically renewed at the end of your annual commitment date if you cancel. Please see the Vital Care Terms for details.

You can submit your receipt within your Vital Care account on or in the Petco mobile app, and we'll upload a Pals Reward of 35 Pals Rewards Dollars to your account with 1-2 days. You can receive up to a maximum of 70 Pals Rewards Dollars per year for completing two (2) vet-of-choice exams. Rewards will be delivered in two separate deposits of 35 Pals Rewards each, after you upload your eligible receipt.

Congrats on being a responsible pet parent! Unfortunately, we can only provide eligible Pals Rewards Dollars for vet-of-choice exams that happen after you've joined the Petco Vital Care program.

Your Pals Rewards Dollars will be automatically applied to your Pals Account 1-2 business days after your monthly anniversary date. For use online or in store, you must log in to your Pals Account and load your rewards prior to checkout.

Updating your payment info is simple. Visit your Vital Care Dashboard on the Petco App or at, and then click on View Details. Underneath where it says Recurring Payment, you can click "edit payment method" and type in your updated card info, then click select payment.

You can also click "reactivate membership" at the bottom of the details page if your account has been cancelled due to invalid payment.

Have questions or need assistance? Please email or call 858-657-2035.


Regular vet exams can help detect illnesses and diseases early on so you avoid costly vet bills in the future. Up-to-date vaccinations will help ensure a long, happy life with your pet. Your vet will do a nose-to-tail exam to help make sure your pet looks and feels their best.

Vital Care requires an annual commitment. For full Vital Care terms and conditions, click here.

*Value of $397 is based on the average cost of the top 10 breeds at Petco Grooming Salons receiving the Petco vet-recommended 12 baths a year with add-ons, two vet exams per year at $35 Pals Rewards each, monthly $10 Pals Rewards and a welcome gift.

**Full-service baths include deep-cleaning shampoo, blow-dry, 15-minute brushout, scented spritz, gland expression, nail trim and ear cleaning. Full-service haircuts include breed-specific cut and style, deep-cleaning shampoo, blow-dry, 15-minute brushout, scented spritz, gland expression, nail trim and ear cleaning. Services for dogs only. Discount applies to cost of service only. Not applicable to taxes or fees.

***See Pals Rewards terms and conditions for details, click here .

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