Top Rated Grain-Free Food


Shop the top 10 grain-free dog foods available for your pup at Petco! Choose from the best dog food brands for the grain-free option that's right for your furry family member.


Find the best grain-free dog food meal for your pup's diet at Petco! As a pet parent, you may have noticed a growing trend in limited grain diets available for your four-legged family member. More than just the latest hashtag canine culinary craze, these meal options are a perfect match for dogs with food sensitivities; eliminating grains such as corn, rice and wheat, but keeping quality sources of protein and carbohydrates to meet your pup's nutritional needs. This makes grain-free dog food an excellent energy source for highly active pets.

The dog food products listed here are our picks for the top 10 grain-free meals that offer a premium blend of ingredients that help balance your pup's diet. Each of these limited ingredient foods are made with real meat first and foremost, with options that include fresh fruits and vegetables for additional flavor and carbohydrates. Vitamins and minerals that help promote a healthier skin and coat, along with strong muscles and joints, are included to round out a balanced meal that keeps your pup full and ready to play. If your pet has a sensitive stomach or food allergies, Petco has the grain-free dog food choice that's right for them.