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Our cats can be such picky eaters. It’s important to us as pet parents to make sure our cat’s food is nutritious, delicious and gives them the essential vitamins and minerals needed to thrive. You can discover some of the best cat food at Petco, starting with this list of best-sellers.


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Learn More About Cat Food Brands

While best-seller lists like these can be helpful in narrowing down the optimal meal plan for your pet, it’s important to consult your vet before changing your cat’s diet. Every feline is different, and certain health conditions may call for unique food. For some general tips, check out our guide for How to Choose a Quality Cat Food.

The term healthy is relative as the food that will be the best choice for your pet will depend on their size, breed, age, and unique health status. However, it is always ideal to look for different cat food brands that are:

Look for dry foods that help clean their teeth—cats can be prone to tooth decay, so brushing and dental-friendly foods and snacks can be great. The dry food should have a lot of flavors to keep them interested and satisfied.

Mouthfeel is also important—make sure the kibble is a good size for your pet to eat comfortably. The dry food should be for the correct life stage, since kittens, adult cats and seniors sometimes need different vitamins and minerals. If your cat is strictly indoor or outdoor, it’s always a good idea to purchase those options accordingly.