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Simply put:

We love what we do

No two pets are the same, and no two grooming appointments should be, either. Our groomers ask lots of question to ensure that we're providing the best products and services for your pet's needs.

We customize haircuts to your pet's lifestyle

We have many options to choose from based on your pets breed, skin and coat type. For double-coated breeds, we have extra brushing and our Shed Less package. For long-coated breeds, a little extra TLC is needed to keep their flowing locks healthy, and the different types of styles and trims we can do are endless based on the lifestyle of you and your pets.

We make sure your pet is safe by using:

  • Hydraulic tables to lower for big dogs and raise for smaller dogs
  • Ramps or steps to get into the tubs — we can even bathe giant dogs on the floor
  • Comfortable and safe kennels that pets can walk into
  • We have several ways to dry your pet, including non-kennel dryers

Think you have what it takes to be a Petco-certified groomer?