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The right bearded dragon habitat supplies can help pet parents maintain their pet’s health and wellbeing, make looking after their pet a little easier and turn their reptile’s habitat into a great visual display for their home.


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When choosing to bring a bearded dragon into your home, the number of available supplies can seem daunting. There are many options for habitats, substrate, food, and lighting acceptable for many bearded dragons, but below are some of the best-selling bearded dragon supplies purchased by Petco’s pet parents.

Zoo Med ReptiHabitat Bearded Dragon Terrarium Kit

Zoo Med

ReptiHabitat Bearded Dragon Terrarium Kit

The Zoo Med Adult Bearded Dragon Starter Kit includes several bearded dragon pet supplies for setting up a new home for your bearded dragon bundled in a great package deal. This kit consists of a 40-gallon terrarium, ReptiSand, food and water dishes, thermometer and humidity gauge and a dual lamp fixture for basking and UVB lamps. For extra pointers and tips, a bearded dragon care booklet is also included. Give your bearded dragon ample room to explore their surroundings with this great terrarium kit.

  • 38” L x 18” W x 18” H
  • Glass tank is USA Made
  • Includes samples of REPTI CALCIUM, REPTIVITE and REPTISAFE
  • Rock-style food and water dishes mimic your lizard’s natural habitat
  • Dual screen terrarium lid allows for easier access

Zoo Med Juvenile Bearded Dragon Kit

Zoo Med

Juvenile Bearded Dragon Kit

Starter kits can be an excellent way to begin life with a new pet and collect the bulk of your supplies altogether. The Zoo Med Juvenile Bearded Dragon Kit includes a 20-gallon long terrarium with a screen top, dual light fixture with UVB and basking lamp, reptile carpet, Mopani wood décor, thermometer, under tank heater, food and water dish, calcium supplement and juvenile bearded dragon food. This habitat includes most of the essential bearded dragon supplies waiting to be personalized with your own choice of décor and hides. A Bearded Dragon Care Book is also included for extra pointers and tips on caring for your new pet.

  • 13.5” L x 13.5” W x 13.38” H
  • Mopani wood is dense and non-toxic
  • Reptile carpet makes an ideal substrate for young bearded dragons
  • Under tank heater provides belly heat
  • Plastic tank insulates heat

Nature Zone Bites for Bearded Dragons

Nature Zone

Bites for Bearded Dragons

Soft food can be a good choice for your bearded dragon supplies list and is provided for many reasons—including enticing picky eaters or adding variety to your lizard’s diet. The Nature Zone Bites are specifically formulated with an appetite-stimulating color and flavor. They are also fortified with minerals and vitamins making them an excellent choice for a picky eater. Add them to a dish or hand feed them to your scaly friend as a tasty treat.

  • Available in 2-, 6- or 9-oz. bags
  • Wine color and prickly pear cactus flavor attracts dragons
  • Formulated for adult bearded dragons
  • Contains a minimum of 9% crude protein
  • Made in the USA

T-Rex Bearded Dragon Gourmet Food Blend


Bearded Dragon Gourmet Food Blend

Dehydrated foods are a great way to fit a large amount of food in a small, lightweight package. With the T-Rex Bearded Dragon Gourmet Food Blend, 4 ounces will expand to 1 pound of food. This blend is made of all-natural ingredients, including dehydrated vegetables and freeze-dried insects for a natural source of vitamins and minerals in a convenient package. Simply add hot water to the food so that it expands and instantly becomes appetizing to your pet.

  • Available in .4- and 4-oz. containers
  • Dehydration preserves the vegetable taste and aroma
  • High protein levels without having to feed live insects
  • Ingredients include sweet potato, dried mealworms, green peas, and more
  • Made in the USA

Mazuri Bearded Dragon Diet


Bearded Dragon Diet

Mazuri Bearded Dragon Diet is a high protein, high fiber diet developed for insect-eating reptiles. It can be an excellent source of vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids that is often one of the bearded dragon supplies used by zoo professionals and is now available for your pet. A convenient pelleted diet should make up at least 50% of your bearded dragon’s total diet—with supplementary insects, animal protein and produce added to the mix. Although soaking the pellets may initially help your bearded dragon convert to this diet, you can wean your pet off the wet form within 1 to 2 weeks and then it can be provided completely dry.

  • Available in 8-oz. bags
  • Low in starch
  • Designed for arid and tropical reptile species
  • Limited fruit and high-sugar vegetables to minimize sugar consumption
  • 100 % satisfaction guaranteed by the manufacturer

Fluker’s Medley Treat for Bearded Dragons


Medley Treat for Bearded Dragons

There are lots of terrific treat options for your bearded dragon—but finding one that’s tasty and nutritious is a bonus. This medley includes an assortment of freeze-dried insects like mealworms, grasshoppers and crickets that your bearded dragon is sure to love. This nutritionally balanced and vitamin-enriched treat can be placed in a bowl in your bearded dragon’s habitat for grazing as they please or hand-fed with tongs for training and bonding time.

  • Available in 1.8-oz. containers
  • Free-dried insects make mealtime simpler than feeding live insects
  • Mealworms, grasshoppers and crickets are a natural dragon food
  • Minimum of 56% protein
  • Can be given as a supplement to a pellet diet

Zoo Med Repti Calcium with D3 Reptile Supplement

Zoo Med

Repti Calcium with D3 Reptile Supplement

Calcium is one of the vital bearded dragon pet supplies and needs to be appropriately balanced—just like other vitamins and minerals—for the proper growth of your bearded dragon. The Zoo Med Repti Calcium with D3 is a phosphorus-free calcium supplement with appropriate levels of vitamin D3. A dual lid has one opening for scooping and another for sprinkling for added convenience, depending on how you want to add the supplement to your pet’s diet.

  • Available in 3-oz. containers
  • Free of phosphorous, which can prevent absorption of calcium
  • Dual lid for convenient insect dusting
  • High surface area per particle gram increases calcium bioavailability
  • Contains pure, precipitated calcium carbonate

Imagitarium White Calcium Reptile Sand


White Calcium Reptile Sand

Imagitarium calcium sand is an excellent substrate that is both realistic and ideal for your desert-loving reptilian friend. This sand encourages natural behaviors such as digging and is an excellent heat conductor making it suitable for desert species. The sand has added calcium for extra supplementation if ingested and can be used with adult bearded dragons.

  • Available in 10-lb. bags
  • Calcium carbonate can be absorbed by your pet’s gastrointestinal tract
  • Designed for desert reptile species
  • Fine granules help prevent abrasions
  • Made in the USA

Jurassic Natural Australian Desert Dragon Habitat

Jurassic Natural

Australian Desert Dragon Habitat

You can’t get much more natural than going to the original source. This substrate is an ethically sourced 100% natural habitat from Australia, where bearded dragons live in nature. This loose desert substrate can be great for creating mounds and burrowing spaces for your pet and helps simulate a natural environment that will provide enrichment for your bearded dragon. It can also work well with bearded dragon tank supplies like logs and rocks.

  • Available in 10- or 20-lb. bags
  • Typically does not cause impaction
  • A great substrate for conducting heat
  • Can be placed on habitat décor to mimic a natural environment
  • Real sand responsibly sourced from Central Australia

Zoo Med Bearded Dragon Lamp Combo Pack

Zoo Med

Bearded Dragon Lamp Combo Pack

Bearded Dragons need access to UVA/UVB and basking lights to absorb calcium and regulate body temperature. The Zoo Med Bearded Dragon Lamp Combo ensures you have just what you need for your dragon friend’s health and wellness. The basking lamp produces a tight beam of light with 35% more heat than regular spotlights and can last up to 2000 hours. The ReptiSun 10.0 Mini Compact Fluorescent Lamp provides UVA and UVB light essential for the metabolic growth of your bearded dragon—making it an important item on your bearded dragon supplies list.

  • Features a patented double reflector
  • Helps prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease
  • Provides UVA rays that help maintain the psychological wellbeing of reptiles
  • Tighter lamp beam can create a more effective basking site
  • Increases overall ambient air temperature of the habitat

Zoo Med Desert UVB & Heat Lighting Dual Kit

Zoo Med

Desert UVB & Heat Lighting Dual Kit

Proper lighting and heat are vital bearded dragon habitat supplies, and both can be provided in a combo fixture such as the Zoo Med Desert UVB & Heat Lighting Dual Kit. This fixture fits and includes a 75W Repti Basking Spot Lamp and a ReptiSun 10.0 Mini Compact Fluorescent bulb, so you are ready to go with the proper lighting for your pet. Dual on/off switches make this a convenient fixture to use on smaller desert terrariums.

  • Available in max wattage of 100 per socket
  • Ceramic sockets have high heat resistance
  • Features patented double reflector
  • Lasts up to 2000 hours
  • Comes with a one year warranty

Zilla Slimline Desert 50 UVB T8 Fluorescent Fixture


Slimline Desert 50 UVB T8 Fluorescent Fixture

The Zilla Slimline Desert 50 UVB Fluorescent Fixture is a compact yet lightweight fixture that provides fluorescent lighting to your pet’s habitat as well as simulates natural daylight. A UVB light is one of the most important bearded dragon supplies for the proper growth and overall health of bearded dragons. This fixture is pre-assembled and ready to use immediately once secured on your bearded dragon’s habitat.

  • Available in max wattage of 15
  • Great for smaller habitats where space is limited
  • Fulfills photo-biological requirements of reptiles
  • Fluorescent bulbs produce little to no extra heat
  • No assembly required

Penn Plax Reptology Lizard Lounger

Penn Plax

Reptology Lizard Lounger

Bearded Dragons love to climb, explore and bask, and the Penn Plax Reptology Lizard Lounger provides a source for all of those activities. This lounger is made of 100% natural seagrass fiber for a durable yet comfortable surface that your dragon can climb all over before bedding down to rest. Suction cups attach the lounger to the sides of your terrarium for multiple setup options as well as easy relocating.

  • Available in size Small
  • Made from durable, natural materials
  • Suction cups stick to glass, plastic or acrylic habitat materials
  • Texture is ideal for rubbing during shedding
  • Hand-woven

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Learn More About Bearded Dragon Supplies

One of the first bearded dragon pet supplies you’ll need is a suitable terrarium or tank. You will also need appropriate UVA, UVB and basking lamps to help your pet maintain their body temperature and their physical and mental wellbeing. Bearded dragons also need substrate, which can include reptile carpet, sand, shredded paper or wood. Bearded dragon habitat supplies will also consist of décors like low logs that they can climb and rocks or hides to help them feel secure when they’re scared. Shallow water and food dishes that help mimic your pet’s natural environment are also recommended, and you will also have to pick out Bearded Dragon foods that fit your reptile’s nutritional requirements.

Some of the best supplies for a bearded dragon come together in one kit—however, the right kit for you can depend on whether you have a juvenile or adult bearded dragon. Depending on your pet’s age, we recommend one of the two Zoo Med kits mentioned above.

There are many differing opinions on the ideal substrate for bearded dragons. Many pet parents believe a lining that mimics the natural habitat of these lizards is most appropriate. Sand straight from Australia is almost identical to what your pet would live on in the wild, while calcium sand is more easily digestible if eaten. However, many pet parents worry about their bearded dragon eating sand and experiencing digestive issues. Reptile carpet can be easier to replace or clean than other substrates, while shredded newspaper or paper towels can be a soft—yet stubbornly absorbent—lining. Ultimately, a substrate is one of the bearded dragon habitat supplies that may be up to your and your pet’s preferences.

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