Best-Selling Dog Toys of 2022

Keep your dog active and engaged with some of the best dog toys most popular with Petco’s pet parents.


Pet parent faves

Some of the best dog toys will support your pup’s physical, mental and emotional well-being while also redirecting energy to appropriate outlets. At Petco, we offer a wide range of puppy and dog toys, including plush dog toys, chew toys and even dog teeth cleaning toys. Here are some of the products our customers love.

KONG Cozies Alligator Dog Toy

Best Overall Dog Toy

KONG Cozies Alligator Dog Toy

Amongst some of the best stuffed dog toys, this little alligator strikes the right balance between softness and lasting fun. Extra cute and yet extra durable, this green gator has an additional layer of material to help it last through more games of fetch.

  • Extra layer of material for added strength
  • Squeaks for enhanced playtime
  • Minimal filling to help reduce mess
  • Best for fetch and cuddling, not chew sessions
  • One of 10 adorable Cozie plush toy characters
  • Offered in 2 sizes—Medium and X-Large

Best Outdoor Dog Toy

Chuckit! Mini Ball Launcher

Throwing slobbery tennis balls is a thing of the past with this fun and convenient dog fetch toy. The plastic wand lets you grasp the tennis ball hands-free. Use the dog ball and launcher wand and is ready to play with. From games of fetch to hours of relaxing chewing, this penguin can help keep your dog engaged and mentally stimulated. Its textured latex construction and squeaker encourage active play.

  • Textured latex construction helps occupy your energetic dog’s attention
  • Designed to be durable
  • Adorable penguin character
  • Squeaker dog toy noise encourages active play
  • Ideal for fetching, chasing and chewing

Best dog Squeaky toy

Nerf Blue/Green TPR EXO Squeak Ball Dog Toy

A great fetch toy, this Nerf squeak ball will offer hours of fun and exercise for your dog as well as the opportunity for you to spend quality time together. The water-resistant and weather-proof ball is designed to stand up to tough play. Take it to the park, the beach or the lake and create unforgettable memories with your pet.

  • Water-resistant and weather-proof
  • Perfectly sized 2.5-inch diameter for small to medium breeds
  • Highly visible with bright colors for easily locating it
  • Designed to be durable and stand up to rough play
  • Ideal for chasing, playing fetch and helps provide your pup with exercise indoors and outdoor
  • Stimulating squeaker captures your dog’s attention

Best Chew Toy for Dogs

Nylabone Strong Chew Real Wood Stick Dog Toy

One of our most popular dog chew toys, the Nylabone Strong Chew Real Wood Stick is made with real wood and durable nylon. It offers an alternative to real sticks, which can splinter and make a mess. Special over-mold technology gives the toy a realistic texture and feel, while the maple bacon flavor will keep your dog coming back for more.

  • Splinter-free alternative to real sticks
  • Realistic bark texture helps clean teeth and freshen breath
  • Delicious maple bacon flavor keep dog’s coming back for more
  • Made with real wood and durable nylon
  • Great for dogs who love to chew
  • Designed for dogs 50 lbs. or more

Best Puppy Toy

GoDog Plush Dragon Dog Toy

Don’t be fooled by this sweet little dragon’s cute face. This toy is made with Chew Guard Technology liner and double-stitched seams, so it can hold up to a lot of play. This stuffed dog toy is great for a game of fetch or for offering your dog a little cuddle buddy, and the toy’s hidden squeaker is great at capturing your canine’s attention.

  • Fun, floppy wings
  • Squeaker hidden inside
  • Great for toss, fetch and cuddling
  • Chew Guard Technology for added durability
  • Designed for dogs of all life stages

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Learn More About Dog Toys

No one dog toy that is best suited for every single dog. After all, each dog has a unique personality and different preferences. Some dogs love to snuggle with plush dog toys, while others will spend the day gnawing on a chew toy. Other dogs want to play fetch all day long.

When you begin searching for the right dog toys for your pet, bring home different kinds of toys and then observe your dog. They will naturally gravitate toward the toys they like best, which will give you an idea of what to get on your next trip to Petco. Just make sure you choose a toy sized for your dog. It’s also best to buy puppy-specific toys for young dogs. Take a look at our most popular puppy toys.

Many small dogs gravitate toward plush dog toys and stuffed dog toys that they can easily carry around and snuggle with, so this is a good place to start when shopping for small dog toys. Just like larger dogs, smaller dogs also enjoy chewing, which is a natural behavior. Dog chew toys can sometimes help alleviate boredom as well as stress or anxiety. Just make sure you choose a toy that is sized appropriately for your dog.

Most chew toys come in small sizes so your little canine can comfortably chew to their heart’s content. Finally, little dogs need exercise just like their larger counterparts. This is especially true if you don’t regularly walk your small dog. Small fetch toys—like balls and stuffed animals—can help keep your dog active and thriving.

Most dogs have an instinct to chew, especially if you have a large dog at home with big teeth. Help redirect this behavior with dog chew toys. Large dogs have big teeth and strong jaws, so they’ll need toys specifically designed for strong chewers.

Fortunately, there are many great options, including dog teeth cleaning toys that can clean your dog’s teeth and improve their breath as they chew. When shopping for big dog chew toys, choose the large or X-large option so your dog can really sink their teeth into the toy. Simulated dog bones, tree branches and toys made from extra-strong rubber are all great options.

Some dogs like to play rough with their toys, and that’s just fine. However, to make sure your pup’s toys last, search specifically for toys designed to be durable and extra tough. Plenty of toys are made to stand up to lots of energetic play, including fetch toys, chew bones and even certain stuffed dog toys. At Petco, we offer a full selection of tough and durable dog toys.

Many dogs love to chew, gnaw and pull at their toys. Inevitably, even the toughest and most durable dog toys might break down over time. As soon as you start to see a toy break or tear, it’s time to toss it out and find a new toy for your canine friend. You may be tempted to let your dog keep nibbling at a broken toy, but this could lead to trouble or injury. Dog toys are not designed for continued play after they are broken, and, in fact, broken toys can present dangers to your pup or members of your household as choking hazards or as broken parts may break their skin.

For example, the squeakers inside dog stuffed animals could present a choking risk to your pet or any young member of your household. So could chunks of a rubber ball or bone. Your dog may accidentally swallow pieces of a broken toy leading to tummy troubles or expensive vet bills for you.

It’s not worth the risk. Instead, keep an eye on your dog’s playtime. If you notice a broken toy, pick up the pieces right away and get rid of them. It’s time to buy new toys for your pup. Take a look at some of the best dog toys, including interactive dog toys and durable dog toys for even the most energetic dogs. Your pet will love their new playthings, and you can rest easier knowing that playtime will be fun instead of dangerous.