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Vet Worthy

Keeping your pets happy and healthy is easier when you have the appropriate wellness aids. The Vet Worthy brand is here to help. Whether you need a probiotic to restore your pet’s gut health or a liquid bandage to heal minor cuts and scrapes, you’ll find a Vet Worthy solution for your cat or dog. The Vet Worthy brand also offers joint support chewable supplements, anti-diarrheal liquids, calming aids, cat milk replacements, styptic powders and more. Shop for your Vet Worthy cat and dog care solutions online and get them delivered straight to your door with fast shipping.

FAQs About Vet Worthy Products

Vet Worthy Joint Support chewable tablets and chews help ease the stiffness of joints with a balanced formula that enhances the functions of the joints and connective tissue. They also help enhance bone health in dogs. These liver-flavored chews offer veterinarian strength joint care support and are made in the USA using key ingredients—Glucosamine, Chrondroitin, Methylsulfonylmethane, Hyaluronic Acid and Green Lipped Mussel. And the tablets are available in 4 levels of joint support strengths. You can administer the chewable tablet once per day per 40 lbs. of body weight. After 4 to 6 weeks, your pet will likely experience less joint stiffness. Consult your veterinarian about whether your pup can benefit from joint support supplements.

Does your pet experience separation anxiety, travel anxiety or nervousness when company comes over? Non-prescription Vet Worthy dog calming aids or cat anxiety solutions may be enough to ease their nerves. Vet Worthy chewables include Chamomile—a plant—and L-tryptophan and L-theanine—two amino acids.

Yes. Vet Worthy has wild Alaskan salmon oil chews that help make your pet’s coat shine. These products have Omega-3 fatty acids and are formulated to be taken daily as needed. The company also makes a wild Alaskan oil for cats that can be added to soft food or given orally. Pets with dry skin or thinning hair may benefit from these products.

Vet Worthy has products for small injuries. If your pet has a small cut that doesn’t quite require professional intervention, liquid bandages can seal the wound. Styptic powder for cats and dogs can also help stop bleeding. These products are useful when your pet experiences minor scrapes. You’ll also find self-adhering wraps to bandage over injuries and help stop your pet from biting an open sore.

Vet Worthy dog feeding products provide ways to keep young pets well fed. This includes milk replacements for kittens and puppies. These powders can be blended with warm water to create milk as a dietary supplement. Milk replacement is recommended for puppies and kittens—especially ones without present mothers—as well as nursing animals and senior pets. Vet Worthy also sells a nursing kit for dogs. This kit can help you feed an orphaned or newborn pet and includes a bottle, bottle cleaner and five nipples.

Vet Worthy has chicken-flavored hairball control chews that can help your cat with this hairy issue. The chews won’t get rid of all hairballs, but they help stop the development of hairball build-up using Omega-3 fatty acids. Important ingredients include Psyllium Seed Husk at 100mg and Wild Alaskan Salmon at 50mg. Cats under 10 lbs. can receive one chew daily, and larger cats can take two to three chews daily.

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