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Revolution Plus

Parasites can be a big problem for cats and their pet parents. Not only are bites and infestations annoying, but fleas, ticks and worms can carry diseases that can seriously impact the health and well-being of your feline. Revolution Plus offers a line of prescription topical parasite solutions that can help kill a number of parasites and prevent future infestations. Protecting your pet from parasites is an ongoing job, but Revolution Plus for cats can make it relatively simple and easy.

FAQs About Revolution Plus

Many pet parents have found that—when used correctly and regularly—this flea and tick solution did effectively help their cat. Revolution Plus has also received positive feedback for the ease of application and the quickness with which the solution dries. However, your veterinarian will likely know the most effective solution for your pet.

You may have heard Revolution topical solution, but what exactly is the difference between Revolution and Revolution Plus? Both are made by the same manufacturer—Zoetis—and part of the same parasite solution line. Both contain the active ingredient Selamectin, but Revolution Plus also includes the parasiticide Sarolaner. This gives Revolution Plus for cats more powerful protection against fleas and worms and has the added benefit of protecting against ticks.

Put simply? In the matchup between Revolution vs. Revolution Plus, the latter offers more comprehensive parasite protection.

Revolution Plus needs to be applied once for a whole month’s protection against fleas, ticks and worms. Flea and tick season lasts about three months in the summer—when your cat will be at a higher risk of coming into contact with these parasites. In most parts of the country, a standard three-month supply should be able to last you through this season.

However, you may live in a heavily wooded area or a region that has a larger-than-average flea and tick population. In that case, your veterinarian may recommend using Revolution Plus for longer periods. At Petco, we offer your cat Revolution Plus in quantities of 3, 6 and 12 treatments depending on the needs of your feline.

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