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Pet Gear

Pet Gear is appropriately named as they provide a wide variety of travel and home solutions for pets. The Pet Gear brand specializes in mobility solutions for dog or cat parents—whether that means the perfect travel carrier for your kitty or a dog ramp so your pup can more easily get in and out of the car. You often have many items on your travel checklist, and traveling with your dog or cat can make that list even longer. Pet Gear helps take some of the worries out of traveling with pets by providing simple solutions to help keep your pet and their supplies comfortable and easily accessible.

FAQs About Pet Gear

Yes, many pet parents have given great reviews to these kennels. There are different kinds of Pet Gear kennels, and they are designed to be high-quality and highly functional for different pet needs. There are steel dog crates with multiple door configuration options. There are also soft dog crates in various sizes with several openings, pouches and handles to choose from for the most ergonomic fit for pet parents while traveling and the most amount of comfort for pets.

Pet Gear offers strollers for cats and pups of all ages and stages. Many of them work with an easy one-hand fold mechanism, easy-locking, no zip entry. Pet Gear strollers can be a great way to securely contain and protect your pet while you’re on the go. For instructions on using a specific model, take a look at the information included with the stroller you purchased.

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