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Buy 2, Save 40%

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Buy 2, Save 40%

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Spend $100, Get $30 Off

Same Day Delivery Eligible

Spend $100, Get $30 Off

Same Day Delivery Eligible



When it comes to choosing your aquarium substrate, you have a lot of options. CaribSea can be a great solution. They have a variety of sand, gravel and rock in different textures, colors and materials. They make it easy to create the perfect habitat for your pets.

FAQs About CaribSea

CaribSea substrate has a variety of uses. When added to an aquarium, substrate can:

  • Help reduce the stress on your fish by creating an environment closer to what it would be in the wild
  • Help improve the formation of good bacteria to balance tank pH
  • Add brightness and color to your tank’s aesthetic
  • Give your fish a place to burrow and dig

Both plants and aquatic creatures alike can benefit from the proper substrate. CaribSea also has an array of reef-ready substrates. The CaribSea special grade reef sand contains aragonite, which is great for coral reefs, Cichlids and other creatures that like to burrow.

Yes. Caribsea has a variety of substrates designed for freshwater tanks. Many types CaribSea sands can be used in freshwater tanks, and the CaribSea Eco-Complete works great for Cichlids.

CaribSea’s Life Rock is an ecologically responsible alternative to live rock. It is made from an aragonitic base and is styled to match the texture and color of rock formations in the wild. It’s cleaned, so you know it won’t bring impurities into your tank. It really adds to the ambiance and is a great addition to your aquarium ecosystem.

Life rock is infused with spored bacteria, so it starts to benefit your saltwater setup as soon as it’s placed in the water. Beneficial bacteria can be a vital asset in your tank—CaribSea live sand and life rocks help keep your ecosystem balanced and help your aquarium thrive.

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