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Benebone Flavored Chew Toys for Dogs

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Benebone Flavored Chew Toys for Dogs

The original Benebone was born out of a desire to give dogs a super-simple, super-appealing chew toy that had everything dogs love and nothing they don’t. The Benebone Wishbone was an instant classic. Since then, Benebone has remained true to the original mission: Innovate, don’t overcomplicate. At Petco, we’re proud to carry both the classics and brand-new designs in a range of dog-pleasing flavors.

FAQs About Benebone Flavored Chew Toys for Dogs

Right here at Petco, where we carry a wide range of Benebone options for dogs of every size and shape. Keep in mind, however, that Benebones are not made for very young puppies who may have developing teeth or older dogs with dental ailments.

No, Benebones are for chewing, not for eating. As with any chew toy, monitor your dog's habits closely to ensure they remain safe and replace your pet’s Benebone if you notice it has become worn or is shedding pieces that are larger than a grain of rice.

Benebones are durable chews that are designed to last and retain flavor longer than most chew toys. Depending on how vigorously your dog chews the Benebone, you may have to replace it within a few days to a few weeks or more. It is recommended that you replace your Benebone at least monthly, or sooner if it becomes very worn.

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