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Arm & Hammer

Keeping your home clean can be one of the most challenging aspects of pet parenthood. It gets easier when you have the right pet cleaning supplies and tools for waste collection. Arm & Hammer pet solutions are designed to keep your pet and home cleaner and safer. The company excels at making life for pet parents easier. Solutions like Arm & Hammer pet stain remover and cat litter are a pet parent’s best friend.

FAQs About Arm & Hammer

Yes, Arm & Hammer’s pet solutions are safe for your cat or dog. This includes Arm & Hammer pet spray for odor elimination, carpet cleaners and baking soda shakers. The company’s puppy pads can be great for dogs with incontinence issues or puppies just getting trained. And the cat cleaning and waste disposal tools are cat-safe and pet parent-approved.

For most versions of Arm & Hammer cat litter, you should scoop it out at least once per day. If you have multiple cats using the same box, you may need to scoop out waste a few times per day. This is true for sand, crystals and Arm & Hammer naturals litter. Add more litter as needed to compensate for the scooped waste.

The litter in your box should be completely changed about every 3 to 4 weeks. Even litter that clumps can allow some waste to collect at the bottom of the litter pan. Liners are an easy way to swap out litter—just tie up the liner and throw the entire litter contents away. You may not need to change the cat litter as often, depending on what kind of cat litter box you have.

Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh is an odor-eliminating powder that can eliminate the scent left behind by pet accidents. Start with dry carpet for best results. To use Pet Fresh, just sprinkle the powder—which includes OxiClean Dirt Fighters—over the dirty carpet. Allow it to sit on your carpet for at least 15 minutes. Next, vacuum the area well. If you still notice an unpleasant odor, leave Pet Fresh on your carpet for 30 minutes and try again. You can also use Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh every time you vacuum.

It’s typical for accidents to happen indoors sometimes, especially when potty training. Whether your young puppy doesn’t have the hang of going outdoors yet or your older dog has a hard time holding their pee all night, Arm & Hammer dog pads can be a great solution. Your dog can be trained to use these absorbent pads indoors. Once your dog uses the dog pad, roll it up and throw it away.

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