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Adams Pet Flea and Tick Products

Pests can cause serious discomfort and illness in your pet if left untreated, but it’s entirely possible to remove this threat with regular preventive care. With Adams flea and tick shampoo and sprays, you can help rid your home and pets of pesky fleas and ticks. Adams makes flea and tick solutions for cats and dogs.

FAQs About Adams

Yes. You can use flea and tick spray on most furniture. Adams products that are designed specifically for carpets are labeled accordingly. Most Adams flea and tick home and carpet sprays can be used all around your home—and directly on your pet. Spray the flea and tick formula on your curtains, carpets and couches to make sure you destroy any pest eggs in your home. In fact, most flea and tick eggs and larvae can be found around and inside homes instead of directly on your pet.

When in doubt, consult the furniture manufacturer to determine what is safe for use on its materials. But typically speaking, Adams spray is safe for use on furniture and will destroy current pests and their unhatched eggs.

Yes, Adams flea control is designed to be effective on dogs who are at least 10 weeks old and cats who are at least 12 weeks old. Flea control will kill flea larvae, flea eggs and adult fleas. It will also help keep ticks and mosquitoes at bay. Not only will Adams flea control destroy any current fleas, but it can stop flea eggs from hatching for two months after you spray.

Flea control from Adams contains etofenprox and S-Methoprene that work to kill and stop growth. If your pet is currently experiencing biting fleas, Adams flea and tick control will provide fast relief from discomfort.

Adams flea and tick spray for cats and dogs is designed to be safe for most pets. The carefully formulated spray will help rid your pet and home of fleas and ticks without irritating your pet’s skin. Just make sure your pet is old enough to use flea and tick sprays—your vet will recommend an alternative for kittens and puppies who are younger than a few months old. The spray is also made to be safe for use around people in your home.

Yes. In addition to sprays and carpet solutions, Adams creates other Adams pet care products for dealing with pests—including shampoo. Adams flea and tick shampoo will kill flea eggs and larvae while healing sensitive skin. The oatmeal formula stifles tick and flea growth for up to 28 days. The formula is designed to bring relief to sites where pests have previously bitten your pet or caused itchy skin.

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