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DIY Frozen Cat Treats

When the weather warms up, cranking up the fan or AC along with grabbing a frozen treat can help beat the heat. While your cat would probably agree, ice cream and ice pops meant for human consumption could very well upset their stomachs.

Here are some kitty-approved frozen treats that can help keep them entertained for hours—and maybe even add a little boost of hydration on a hot day.

  1. Ice cold 
    Simple as it sounds, a plain ice cube in your cat's water dish or on a plate can pique interest and provide lots of fun. Your cat will likely paw it about on the floor, too, so protect any delicate flooring. You can further extend playtime by freezing small plastic bowls of water to create larger ice cubes.
  2. Tuna shaved ice
    If you’re whipping up a sandwich made with canned tuna in water (NOT oil), don’t toss the drained liquid. Instead put the tuna liquid and four ice cubes in a blender and make a shaved ice slushy for your kitty. A flavor they’ll love with added hydration! As with any cat treat, offer this in moderation.
  3. Kitty frozen squeeze-pop
    While your cat can’t share your ice pop, you can make a customized version just for them. Put your cat’s favorite squeezable purée treat in the freezer for an hour or just until it starts freezing. Massage the treat prior to opening to break it up, then let your cat enjoy their treat.
  4. Frozen food for dinner
    Take your cat’s wet food—paté or food in gravy typically works best—and put it in the freezer for 5+ hours. To make a frozen paté a little easier to eat, slice the food into small chunks. At dinnertime, serve your cat their frozen meal.

Nothing beats enjoying a cool treat with your cat, but  it’s also important to pay attention to your pet’s overall hydration and health as the weather warms up. Be sure to provide plenty of clean water, and remember that many health concerns can be exacerbated by the heat. Stay cool, cats!