Food Matters

What We Feed Them Matters

Welcome to Petco Nutrition. Here you'll find valuable tools, information and savings to help you and your pet thrive.


A Commitment to Nutrition

For over 50 years, we've worked hard to offer your pet the right food. That's why our hand-picked selection only includes options that will help you and your pet enjoy a happier, fuller life together.

There's Power in Whole Ingredients

Protein-first, antioxidant and vitamin-rich foods support the life you want for your pets.

There's a Difference

Because some ingredients can be harmful to pets, we carefully select the brands offered on our shelves.

There's No Risk

Your pet should crave dinnertime—so if a food doesn't suit their taste, no problem, just bring it back.

Dog Fast Facts

  • Not All Treats Are OK

    Feeding table scraps to your dog can lead to obesity.

  • Diet & A Healthy Coat

    Dry or irritated skin can be a sign of a diet deficiency or an allergy to a certain food.

  • 6 Toxic Foods

    Chocolate, onions, macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins, and raw meats can be toxic to your dog.

Cat Fast Facts

  • When to Change Foods

    You can switch your kitten to adult cat food at age one.

  • Cats Need Meat

    Cats are carnivores and should not be fed a vegetarian diet.

  • Feed to Age

    Adult cats need less protein and fat, and fewer calories than kittens.