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Finding the Best Rat Cage for Your Small Pet

Come into Petco for a wide selection of rat cages and habitats to give your critter companion some secure sleeping quarters. Besides keeping your rodent’s roaming confined to one location, these habitats give your small pet a place to call their own. While rat cages come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, you can find the right one with a bit of knowledge.

How big should a rat cage be?

This will depend on how many furry friends you plan to house in the cage. It’s recommended that the size of your rat’s cage is at least 2 cubic feet of space per small pet. Rats will appreciate any extra space they can get. In addition to added space for play, they’ll appreciate having hideaway places to retreat. There should be plenty of room for their bedding, a food bowl, and water bottle. Some cages even have different levels for your cuddly critter to climb.

How often should rat cages be cleaned?

It’s important to clean out your pet rat’s cage on a regular basis; at least once a week is recommended. It’s also recommended to remove them from the cage entirely while you clean, to avoid accidents or risk of injury from ammonia. You can make the cleaning process easier on your furry friend by scheduling some out-of-cage playtime while you work to wipe down their habitat. Cleaning helps to cut down on odors in their cage.

How to choose the right rat cage for your pet

Your pet rat’s urine contains high amounts of ammonia, which results in a rather strong odor. Mouse bedding that contains lavender or other soft floral material is great for controlling odors and has a naturally fresh scent. Flooring made with paper and baking soda is another option since baking soda helps to neutralize acidic substances that cause wanted odors.

Many rat and mouse cages are made of wire, allowing for great cross-ventilation and places to hang hay feeders and a water bottle. One way to tell a rat cage apart from cages for bigger animals is the spacing of the bars. You’ll want to make sure the bars are no more than half an inch apart so they can’t squeeze through. Usually, their habitats are a chew-proof wire or plastic. The cage should be sturdy with plenty of living space. Many rat and mouse cages are also known for their versatility in colors and themes. And remember, with some habitats you can attach tubes for pets to crawl beyond their cage.

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