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Reptile Light Timers & Terrarium Controllers

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Reptile Timers and Powerstrips

Terrarium timers and controllers help pet parents provide consistent heat and lighting for their pet reptiles. Many reptiles need both a heat source and a UV light and these timers can be programmed for specific times that you want your lamps to turn on and off.

FAQs About Reptile Timers and Powerstrips

It's a good idea for all pet parents to use a timer—so that you don't have to be present to turn lights off and on. This is especially helpful when using a UV bulb/fixture to simulate sunlight with a consistent day/night schedule.

Refer to the product instructions to set the timer up. Often, you simply set the times that you want the lights to come on and turn off, plug light fixtures into the timer and then plug the timer into a standard household outlet.