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Freshwater Guppies

Native to Caribbean waters, guppies require adequate water temperature and quality in their aquarium, plus plenty of places to hide. Signs of a healthy guppy include vibrant colors, clear eyes, and a healthy appetite. You should also avoid overcrowding, and always provide your pet fish with an appropriately sized tank and compatible tank mates.

For new fishkeepers, check out Petco’s guide to setting up a freshwater aquarium. Here you can learn the basics of fishkeeping and make sure you have everything your guppies need to thrive. This guide will also help you set up your aquarium in the right order and maintain it properly over time. From the right aquarium tank and stand, to proper fish food, filtration systems, and lighting setups.

FAQs about Guppies

Like most freshwater livebearers, guppies can eat specialty flaked, pellet, frozen or live fish food.

Guppies and betta fish can sometimes coexist. But it comes down to the personality of each species. Check out our freshwater compatibility chart for more.

Guppies require at least a 10 gallon tank.

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