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Leopard Geckos are easy to care for. These nocturnal creatures come in a variety of colors and patterns, and unlike most reptiles have moveable eyelids. Their skin appears to be rough with knob-like bumps but it is actually soft to touch.

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Highly regarded for their exquisite coloring and striking features, leopard geckos make excellent household pets. With proper socialization and handling, leopard geckos are even known to become affectionate. With the right leopard gecko supplies, nutritious food and proper care, pet leopard geckos can have long life spans, with some surpassing 20 years. As they lack the toe pads that other gecko species have, they're not climbers, and prefer longer leopard gecko habitats that provide them with enough room to move about. Similar to that of most other reptiles, the leopard gecko diet mainly consists of various insects, small mealworms and leopard gecko food formulas enriched with essential vitamins. To add variety and a zest of flavor to your gecko's meals, there is a line of canned tropical fruit that can be mixed in with leopard gecko food. Being nocturnal, leopard geckos are most active during the evening, so they don't mind being left alone during the day while you're at work or school. While they are low-maintenance pets, they are cold-blooded and require a basking spot set up within their leopard gecko habitats to regulate their body heat. Learn more about proper leopard gecko care and ensure their health and longevity with the leopard gecko supplies they need and enjoy.