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Reptile Cages, Reptile Food and Reptile Supplies for your Remarkable Reptiles and Exotic Amphibians

In addition to their exotic look and intriguing behavior, reptiles and amphibians are intelligent and absolutely fascinating to observe. Taking up little room, amphibian and reptile cages, from aquatic and semi-aquatic to terrestrial or arboreal, are ideal for smaller living spaces. As with all pets, reptiles require basic reptile supplies, such as lighting, heating, substrates, a thermometer and humidity gauge, a hiding box or log, food and water dishes, as well as various types of reptile food. As each species varies in their personality and behavior, there are various reptile supplies available to suit each of their unique needs. With proper care and maintenance, reptiles are known to have long lifespans as they adapt easily to routine lifestyles. Reptile food can range from leafy greens and fruits to worms, insects and even mice. Knowing what types of food, supplements, reptile cages and supplies will work for your reptilian companion will help keep him healthy and content as well as prolong his lifespan.