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Parrots have impressed people throughout the years with their colorful feathers, keen intelligence and their remarkable ability to talk. While there are plenty of parrot supplies that have been designed specifically for their maintenance and care, there are also various types of treats and parrot food that keep them healthy and happy. Parrots make great pets for people who want a playful bird that enjoys plenty of social interaction. Requiring larger parrot cages as well as more attention than most other bird breeds, parrots also have longer life expectancies. Being extremely vocal, parrots have been known to let out high-pitched screams when bored, which is why it's important to keep them entertained with various parrot supplies, toys and treats. Enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables, parrots need proper nutrition provided by various types of parrot food. Learning more about proper parrot care as well as which parrot cages, supplies and food is best suited for your parrot can help you promote his longevity and vitality.