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Parakeet Bird Cages, Parakeet Food and Parakeet Toys for Pleasant and Playful Parakeets!

Often called budgies, parakeets are playful and enjoy plenty of human interaction. With the right amount of training, proper socialization, parakeet food and treats, they can learn to speak and whistle. Parakeets make beautiful pet companions as they are bred in various vivid shades of blue, green and yellow. As smaller members of the parrot family of birds, parakeets require relatively smaller parakeet cages, which make them convenient pets to have in smaller living areas. Just like their parrot relatives, parakeets are intelligent and require parakeet toys for plenty of mental and physical stimulation. Enjoying a nutritious diet of various blends of bird seed, parakeet food can also consist of leafy greens, fresh fruits and vegetables. Requiring daily exercise, parakeets should be encouraged to play and explore outside of their parakeet cages regularly. Ensure the happiness and longevity of your playful parakeet by providing him with the proper food and housing that he needs as well as the parakeet toys he enjoys.