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The Right Bird Cages, Bird Seed and Bird Supplies for your Fine Feathered Friends

From being extremely intelligent and easy to train to requiring minimal grooming, birds are chosen as pets for various reasons. While canaries are often preferred for their charming singing voices, finches are chosen for their brilliant colors and markings. Requiring wide bird cages to promote exercise, canaries and finches require less interaction than parrots and conures. Being relatively low maintenance, birds require bird supplies, such as cage covers and liners, perches, food and water dishes, nesting boxes, various types of toys and bird seed. While some people prefer the exotic coloring of cockatiels, some prefer the playful and highly trainable disposition of parakeets and lovebirds. As each breed varies, so do their preferences in bird seed, housing, interaction levels, and bird supplies. This is why it is important to provide your fine feathered friends with the types of food, supplies and bird cages that best suit their unique needs.