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KONG Dog Toy

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KONG Dog Toy

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KONG Dog Toy

  • Toss like a dog ball or fill with snacks like a treat dispenser
  • Made in the USA
  • Ideal for use as dog chew toys
  • Supports your dog's dental health by cleaning teeth and gums
  • Hollow center can be stuffed with food and treats
  • Helps keep dogs busy and focused for long periods of time

Turn any time into play or snack time with the KONG Dog Toy! This durable chew toy is made with top quality rubber that will provide your dog with oodles of fun and activity. The KONG’s unique shape and materials give it a resilient yet unpredictable bounce, providing more stimulation that a typical dog ball. The KONG also works as a treat dispenser! Fill the cavity with tasty goodies or your dog’s favorite kibble. Treat dispensing dog chew toys can provide your dog with minutes to hours of entertainment as they work out their edible rewards. Dogs have a natural instinct chew and gnaw. The activity not only exercises the jaw but also helps dogs relieve mental stress and emotional anxiety. Dog chew toys can be great outlets for your dog’s attention and chewing activity. The more durable the chew, the long it can cater to your dog’s desire to chew and prevent boredom. The KONG Dog Toy features a thick, flexible and springy wall, making it an ideal durable dog chew. The rubber is non-toxic, non-abrasive, non-splintering and does not sharpen as your dog chews. The material helps to support your dog’s oral health; as your dog chews, the KONG helps to clean teeth and condition gums. To make it more appealing as a chew, the KONG Dog Toy sports a hollow that you can fill with treats and kibble. Turning the KONG into a treat dispenser can give you a great tool to focus your dog’s energy and attention during extended periods of time. Stuff the hollow with more treats and edible spread or freeze to create a longer lasting delicious activity for your dog. Besides being used as dog chew toys, KONGs make great toys for games like toss and fetch. Unlike a typical dog ball, the KONG is made with an irregular shape that makes it bounce in unpredictable ways. You can throw it like a dog ball, but your dog will have even more fun trying to guess where it will bounce next!