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SeaClear Rectangular 29 Gallon Show Junior Executive Kits

$339.99 $305.99
More options available
SeaClear 46 Bowfront Sys II RTR

$714.99 $643.49
More options available
biOrb Black Mega Aquarium Kit with Light

$239.99 $216.99
Petco Glass Footed Betta Bowl

$12.99 to $19.99 $10.39 to $15.99
More options available
biOrb Life 60P Aquarium in Black

$489.99 $438.99
Aqueon Mini Bow Desktop Aquarium Kit in Red

$59.99 $47.99
Midwest Tropical AquaTable Aquarium Octagon

$699.99 $559.99
SeaClear 50 Reg Sys II RTR

$669.99 $535.99
More options available
SeaClear Bowfront 36 Gallon Aquarium Combos in Clear

$309.99 $247.99
biOrb Black Aquarium Kit with Light

$159.99 $146.99
Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit in Black

$69.99 $52.49
Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit

$69.99 $54.99
Cleaner Pump for biOrb & biUbe

$12.99 $9.74
Marineland Silhouette Glass 3 Gallon LED Aquarium Kit

$59.99 $47.99
Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit in Black

$99.99 $89.99
Fluval Spec Aquarium Kit

$69.99 $55.99
SeaClear Rectangular 20 Gallon Aquarium Combos in Clear

$189.99 $151.99
Aqueon Mini Bow Desktop Aquarium Kit

$44.99 $35.99
Petco Pet Keeper for Aquarium Fish

$9.99 to $13.99 $7.99 to $11.19
More options available
Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit in Black

$212.49 $199.99
Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit in Silver

$129.99 $109.99
biOrb Silver Aquarium Kit with Light

$159.99 $146.99
SeaClear Rectangular 50 Gallon Aquarium Combos

$349.99 $314.99
Petco 1 Gallon Corner Aquarium Kit

$19.99 $15.99


Aquarium Kits for Saltwater and Freshwater Fish

Aquariums are a beautiful way to add to the décor of any living space. From simple half-gallon fish bowls, to large saltwater aquariums, there are several options to suit your style, experience-level, and maintenance needs.Often chosen for being relatively low maintenance and peacefully alluring, fish make excellent pets for owners of varying ages. Saltwater aquariums and reef tanks generally require more care and maintenance than freshwater bowls and fish tanks, however saltwater tanks can be more rewarding as they can showcase more exotic species of fish, marine invertebrates, corals and plants. Of the many aquarium tanks available, determine which one is right for you and brighten up your home today.

Most novice fish-owners begin with freshwater bowls and other types of beginner aquariums, such as a desktop aquarium kit that is complete with a freshwater tank, filter, filter cartridge, lighted hood, water conditioner and food. While these kits contain the basic accessories most beginner fish tanks need, there is more fun to be had in choosing your own plants, rocks, colored substrates and decorative ornaments. There are aquariums that have been specifically designed for display on shelves, while there are some that are equipped with reversible backgrounds to change with your mood. There are even octagon-shaped aquarium tanks that act as unique tables, hold up to 28-gallons of water, and never fail as an interesting conversation piece for entertaining guests. Find the kit that fits your home today at Petco.com