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Trixie Alicante Cat Tree in Brown

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Brand: Trixie
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Trixie Alicante Cat Tree in Brown

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Provides endless opportunities for kittens & small breed cats to play, explore, scratch or just relax. Your little hunter can sharpen their claws on the scratching post instead of on furniture, drapes or carpet.

  • Indoor cat tree features three large platforms for play and perching
  • Six sisal scratching posts for your cat's scratching needs
  • Cute paw print design adds decorative touch

Cats love to leap, play, snooze and scratch. Give them a fun and safe place to enjoy all of their favorite activities with the Trixie Alicante Cat Tree. This large cat tree provides your pets with strong platforms, a cozy condo and durable sisal posts for healthy scratching. Adding a Trixie Alicante Cat Tree to your home is a great way to encourage your pet to exercise and play. This indoor cat tree features three elevated platforms for multi-level lounging and play. Your cats will love dashing up the platforms or chasing each other up and down this large cat tree all day long. The platforms also give your pets a perfect spot to perch and watch activities below. Cats feel more secure when they are up and off the ground. You may notice your pet spending a lot of time napping or observing from the top of this cat tower. The Trixie Alicante Cat Tree also features a sheltered cat condo, where your cat can curl up and snooze away the day. This cozy condo features two entrances and exits and can give your cat a secure place to rest. Six strong posts hold up this indoor cat tree. Each post is wrapped in durable sisal, providing your cat with irresistible scratching posts. Cats scratch to relieve anxiety and boredom and also to mark their territory. The sisal posts built into this large cat tree can provide your cat with a positive scratching outlet, curbing undesirable scratching behavior. Trixie’s indoor cat tree is wrapped in a soft plush covering that will invite your cat to rest in comfort. It also features fun paw prints on the base and top of the condo. The reserved and earthy color will easily fit the existing décor of your home.