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sWheat Scoop Scoopable Cat Litter Multi-Cat Strength

SKU: 1278592
Brand: Swheat Scoop
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sWheat Scoop Scoopable Cat Litter Multi-Cat Strength

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sWheat Scoop Scoopable Cat Litter Multi-Cat Strength

  • Wheat enzymes naturally eliminate odor
  • Wheat starches clump firmly - for easy scooping cat litter
  • No clay, chemicals or fragrances
  • Low-dust kitty litter formula, less tracking
  • Biodegradable, certified flushable
  • Ideal for automatic litter box use

Developed with convenience and feline safety in mind, Swheat Scoop Scoopable Cat Litter Multi-Cat Strength makes for one of the best litter formulas around. Show your favorite cat just how much you care by filling their kitty litter boxes with this uniquely gentle yet effective litter formula. This wheat-based mutli-cat strength formula not only clumps faster and firmer than most other formulas, but this special cat litter has also been developed to track less than others! Made with wheat starch, this feline litter formula naturally eliminates odor even in multiple cat households, making it ideal for both single and multi-kitty homes. Without containing any clay, chemicals or fragrances that can be irritating to many cats and kittens, this special wheat-based litter is effective in controlling odors, clumps quickly and it is still gentle enough for use by kittens and newly de-clawed cats. As it is soft and gentle on your precious kitties' paws, it's gentle on the Earth too! This formula is certified flushable (sewer and septic tank safe) and truly biodegradable so that you know it is environmentally safe. This special formula is naturally processed, making it a renewable resource, and it is also 100% compostable. Provide your favorite cat with a feline-friendly litter that is also easy on the environment.