Stayjax Pet Products Bench Seat Bottom Car Seat Cover

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Stayjax Pet Products Bench Seat Bottom Car Seat Cover

Stayjax Pet Products Bench Seat Bottom Car Seat Cover

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Stayjax Pet Products Bench Seat Bottom Car Se...

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Stayjax creates the most portable, stable and versatile seat protectors on the market. Made of 6P Free PVC, it is strong enough for even the most feisty dogs. Adds stability to their paws by giving a soft, textured surface for them to dig their claws into. Protect your seat from scrates, fur and dirt. Wipe down with a cloth, rinse off or throw in your washing machine. Stayjax is up for any battle your pup wants to throw at it. Helps to calm anxious puppies, stabilize a more rambunctious friend or comfort the elderly by giving a soft and strong seat mat.

  • Installs in under a minute
  • Increases pet stability
  • Minimize wear and tear on your car
  • Universal fit
  • Machine Washable
  • Can be used in conjunction with a harness
  • Works under child car seats
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  • Days to ShipShips in 2-3 Business Days
  • Primary BrandStayjax Pet Products
  • Weight3 LB

StayJax was created with one thing in mind, protect my dog, Jaxon.  At the time, I had no other intention than to make the best possible protection for him while riding in my car.  Very quickly I realized that he was extremely unsafe in my car and not only that, he was making a mess!  Quick turns slammed him from side to side and caused him to dig his claws into the seat, scratching the upholstery and risking his safety.  Other seat covers on the market were great for keeping seats clean, but did nothing to keep him stable.  The seat mats we found were ugly, and extremely time-consuming to install and maintain.  Harnesses helped protect Jaxon from sliding, but did nothing for the claw damage that had destroyed our backseat. We needed to find a solution and thus, Stayjax was born.  I sat in my living room and drew up schematics for what I thought would work and then did what anyone would do, started cutting into different fabrics and took some sewing classes.  With a rotary blade in one hand and my grandmothers sewing machine in the other, I slaved away in my garage creating what I thought was the perfect seat protector for both pup and car owner.  After about a year of toying with different thicknesses and models, I settled on what you see before you, a product that I believe to be the most portable, most stable, most versatile seat cover on the market.  I was making them to what I would want - something that isn’t obtrusive, isn’t difficult to understand, something that lasts, and ultimately, something that just straight up works.  Stayjax puts the power of safety in your own hands.  Stayjax can be installed in under a minute, it can be wiped down with a cloth or even thrown into the washing machine for big messes.  All pieces can be used a la carte, or put together to make the most comprehensive seat protector on the market.  The top portion of the back seat can be hung on the back of the front seats to create a barrier, or use the elastic to hang from your mirrors and create a sun visor when you leave your car.  Roll it up when not using and roll it out when you do.  Stayjax wants you to never have a reason to postpone the adventure.  Want to go hiking? Great.  Want to go to the beach? Even better.  There should never be a reason to keep the family from traveling together, and if you’re like us, your pup deserves to be right there by your side.  Keep your car clean, keep your pet safe, and keep yourself happy.

Stayjax does not guarantee safety nor is it intended as a replacement for harnessing your animal.  It is not edible and should not be consumed.  If consumed, please contact your physician or veterinarian.  Additionally, Stayjax seat mats are susceptible to temperature and should not be left in the sun for prolonged periods of time.  Prolonged periods in the sun can lead to cracking and minimize efficiency.  This product is used at the owner's discretion and use of Stayjax is at the user's risk.  Stayjax makes no guarantees or warranties, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, of title, or of non-infringement of third party rights.