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Live small animals available only in Petco stores. Selection varies by store. Check your local store for availability.


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By: Petco
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A mouse is a low maintenance mammal to keep as a companion animal. With cute and playful qualities, they are extremely active and social small animals. As with other small animals, they love to chew on objects as their incisor teeth grow continuously.

  • Mice have been domesticated for hundreds of years.
  • Active during the night, and rest during the day, but can adjust to your schedule.
  • Love to burrow, hide in objects, and are easily frightened by loud noises.
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Mice have been domesticated for hundreds of years.

Mice are active and social animals with extreme curiosity. They are considered to be great pets due to their entertaining antics and rather affectionate behavior. Despite what most people may think, mice are actually very clean animals that organize their habitat into areas for eating, sleeping, bathroom needs, etc. They enjoy the company of other mice and can be kept together in same-sex groups. One of the best things you can provide for a mouse is an exercise wheel; it will never go unused. In addition, like other small animals, a mouse's teeth grow continuously throughout their life so they should be provided with chew sticks to prevent teeth from becoming over-grown. Mice should never be picked up by their tail. Gently scooping them up and daily handling them will allow you to build a trusting bond with your mice, giving you the opportunity to see their true personality shine!