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ScoopFree Dye-Free Litter Tray Refill

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Brand: ScoopFree
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ScoopFree Dye-Free Litter Tray Refill

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Pre-filled with crystal litter, the ScoopFree Dye-Free Disposable Crystal Litter Tray works with ScoopFree. Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes. Just load the tray in the litter box for weeks with no scooping, cleaning or refilling! The crystal litter absorbs urine and dries solid waste quickly to remove odors and is 99% dust free. With the completely disposable tray and waste trap, you never see or touch smelly waste! Every few weeks simply replace the litter tray and your ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box is just like new.

  • Disposable tray pre-filled with crystal litter lasts for weeks with no scooping, cleaning, or refilling
  • Crystal litter continuously removes odors instead of masking them
  • Covered trap locks away solid waste and odor so you never touch or see smelly waste
  • Completely disposable leak-proof tray with lid for quick, hygienic cleanup
  • Crystals do not stick to your cat s feet for less tracking throughout your home
  • For use with ScoopFree Original & Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

ScoopFree Litter Tray Refills with 'Free' Crystals helps make the dreaded chore of litter box cleaning much less time-consuming and unpleasant. This ScoopFree disposable litter tray can be loaded into a ScoopFree litter box, left alone for weeks at a time and then disposed of without ever requiring you to see, touch or smell messy waste. Each ScoopFree disposable litter tray comes pre-filled with premium crystal cat litter that is free of perfumes and dyes. This quality cat litter effectively absorbs moisture and dehydrates solids on contact to control odors. As a result, you won’t have to try to hide or cover up unpleasant litter box odors. This premium crystal litter is also low tracking and 99% dust free. ScoopFree Litter Tray Refills with 'Free' Crystals offer unbeatable convenience. The ScoopFree disposable litter tray is easy to load into a ScoopFree litter box. Once the tray is in, you can just forget about it completely for a week or even ?wo. You won’t have to scoop out cat litter or struggle to empty and refill yo?r cat’s litter box. When the time comes for disposal, just put the tray in the included disposal bag, throw it away and insert a fresh tray. It really is that easy! No scooping, no dragging heavy bags of litter back and forth and no contact with unpleasant waste. Each tray is made out of recycle paper with no bleach added. The trays do not come with lids, which allows them to nest within each other for more convenient storage. A plastic lining within each tray helps protect against leakage. Just because you are a proud pet parent doesn’t mean you need make litter box cleaning a regular part of your life. With ScoopFree Litter Tray Refills with 'Free' Crystals, cleaning and changing litter can be a painless chore that takes you just a handful of minutes each month.