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Royal Canin MINI Canine Health Nutrition Shih Tzu

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Brand: Royal Canin
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Royal Canin MINI Canine Health Nutrition Shih Tzu

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Royal Canin MINI Canine Health Nutrition Shih Tzu 24

  • Specially formulated for a healthy & shiny long coat
  • helps support good digestion with highly digestible proteins
  • Complete and balanced nutrition for adult Shih Tzus over 10 months of age

The special physiology of the Shih Tzu, such as its flowing coat and sensitive skin make it a very unusual breed that needs special attention, especially in terms of its nutrition.Healthy, Shiny, Long Coat Your Shih Tzu has a beautiful coat that needs tender loving care. The laving (flowing) coat being one of the main characteristics of the breed. The hair is long and dense, with a thick undercoat. Shih Tzu adult dry dog food helps to express the coat's natural beauty through a supply of L-cystine and methionine, amino acids essential for renewing the hair, combined with linoleic acid to promote a glossy coat.Sensitive Skin Condition Your Shih Tzu may have especially sensitive skin. This sensitivity is explained by the sometimes excessive reaction of the immune system to the presence of allergens such as dust mites and pollen in the environment. Shih Tzu adult dry dog food helps the skin defend itself from outside attacks by means of a synergistic complex, rich in B vitamins, that effectively strengthens the skin's protective barrier and by the inclusion of essential fatty acids to calm epidermal inflammation.Anti-Aging System Your Shih Tzu is also known for its longevity. In the last third of its life, your dog may be at risk for kidney, heart and joint diseases and also of problems with the eye lens and retina. Shih Tzu adult dry dog food helps slow the progress of degenerative diseases by incorporating a synergistic cocktail of antioxidants to slow cell degeneration, and limited levels of phosphorus. A supply of hydrolyzed crustacean and cartilage extracts help protect the cartilage in the joints.For Optimal Dental Hygiene Tartar reduction helps maintain correct bucco-dental hygiene. Shih Tzu kibbles have a specially designed texture that produces a brushing effect which results in the reduction of dental plaque formation. Shih Tzu also includes chelating agents that slow tartar development by fixing the calcium present in the saliva.