Vita-Bugs Superworms
Vita-Bugs Superworms

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Vita-Bugs Superworms

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Vita-Bugs Superworms

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Superworms are a great way to provide the diversity reptiles and amphibians crave, and the complete diet they need. Shipped live overnight.

  • Worm length: Approx. 2.5 inch
  • Promote enhanced immune response, coloration and improved overall animal health
  • Provides increased levels of Vitamin A and Vitamin E with improved Omega-3 fatty acids resulting in improved Omega-6:Omega-3 ratio
  • Store at 65 to 85 degrees F
  • Scientific Name: Zophobas morio
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Superworms add tasty variety and nutritional diversity to your pet’s diet, whether you have a reptile, amphibian, tropical fish or bird! Feeding live superworms to your pet provides excitement and interest at mealtime, making every bite a fun treat. They provide complete nutrition that is both natural and healthy for your pet. Feeding time will never be the same once you introduce live superworms to your reptile or amphibian. The movement and fresh flavor gives them that special quality that freeze-dried and packaged foods cannot provide: a moving meal! All the action is sure to prevent boredom and renew interest in your pet’s food. Vita-Bugs Live Superworms are naturally healthy for your pet. They feature high protein and low fat content, ideal for the diets of most reptiles and amphibians. As the larva of darkling beetles, mealworms are arthropods and possess and somewhat crunchy outer shell that appeals to many lizards and frogs. Superworms are sure to keep pets on their toes, stimulating energy as well as appetites. They make an excellent, healthy snack and can also be used as a main course. Be sure to include Superworms in your pet’s food, alternating with any other live foods or prepared diets. offers live Superworms in bulk quantities. They range in size from mini worms to extra large worms. Be sure to care for the Superworms that are not being fed right away; taking proper care will help you keep worms healthy and tasty for your reptiles.