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Marineland Penguin 100 BIO-Wheel Power Filter

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Brand: Marineland
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Gallons per Hour:100


Marineland Penguin 100 BIO-Wheel Power Filter

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100 gph, for up to 20 gallon tank. Maintain a crystal clear, healthy aquarium. Three-stage filtration system with mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration in one reliable, easy to maintain unit. BIO-Wheel for superior biological filtration.

  • Maintain a crystal clear, healthy aquarium with the Marineland Penguin BIO-Wheel Power Aquarium Filter
  • Activated carbon filter that features three-stage filtration system with mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration in one reliable and easy-to-maintain unit
  • Effectively removes odors, discoloration and waste along with removing nitrite and ammonia

All Marineland Penguin BIO-Wheel Power Filters deliver easy and effective three-stage mechanical, chemical and biological aquarium filtration. For added convenience, each Penguin aquarium filter comes complete with a Penguin Rite-Size Filter Cartridge that is ready to use. Providing you with effective mechanical and chemical filtration, this Marineland Penguin power filter works to remove waste, discoloration and odors from your aquarium or fish tank. Each Penguin activated carbon filter contains new faster-acting Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon for maximum filtration efficiency. This remarkable power filter also provides biological filtration through its revolutionary and patented BIO-Wheel, which has been proven best at removing toxins, such as ammonia and nitrite. In addition, each of these Penguin BIO-Wheel filters features Noise-Reducing Two-Piece Vented Covers and Adjustable Mid-Level Intake Strainers. See what the aquatic buzz is all about. Order a Penguin BIO-Wheel Power Filter from Marineland and see the difference for yourself in your aquarium. As aquarium sizes vary, be sure to select the filter that best suits the size of your aquarium.