Grade A Butterfly Koi

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Grade A Butterfly Koi

By: Petco

Grade A Butterfly Koi

By: Petco
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Grade A Butterfly Koi

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Approx. size 6-7";.Butterfly Koi are so named for their distinctive long flowing fins. Koi thrive in large outdoor ponds with a good filtration system to ensure proper water quality.

  • Long flowing fins
  • With proper care, can live upwards of 35 years or more
  • Will dig up plants if the roots are not protected
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Butterfly Koi have distinctive long flowing fins. They come in a variety of colors and patterns usually of white, yellow, orange or some combination of these colors. Koi are hardy fish that have been referred to as "living jewels". Koi thrive in large outdoor ponds with a good filtration system to ensure proper water quality. It is said that in the 1800's, Koi can be distinguished in thirteen classifications with different types within those classifications. These classifications are all Japanese Terms. Koi ClassificationsKohaku - White with red markings, the most common classification Taisho Sanke - White body with red and black markings, also known as Sanke Showa - Black body with red and white markings Bekko - White, yellow, orange, or red body with black markings Utsurimono - Black body with red, yellow, orange, or white markings Asagi - Bluish grey koi with red on its fins and sides Shusui - A nearly scaleless koi with bluish grey scales only on its lateral lines and dorsal lines, as well as red on its sides and fins Koromo - Literally means "robed" where the body is white, with red spots outlined in blue, black or purple Kawarimono - All non-metallic koi fall into this classification where coloration varies Hikarimono - Single solid colored metallic koi in a variety of colors Hikari - Utsurimono - Metallic Showa and Utsurimono Hikarimoyo - Mono - Metallic koi with more than one color, but don't fall into Utsurimono or Showa Tancho - Koi with a Red Patch on its head, named after the National Bird of Japan, the Tancho Crane, also known as the Red-Crowned Crane, Grus japonensis Kinginrin - Literally means "Golden Silvery Scales" which is referring to the sparkly scales. All koi have kinginrin scales, but must have twenty or more individual scales to be classified as Kinginrin